Download 9th Class Islamiat Lazmi Punjab Textbook PDF according to Single National Curriculum SNC 2024. This book describes its two portions: one is the book itself, and the second portion is related to a few Surahs from the holy Quran.

9th Class Islamiat PTB 2024

Download the book of Islamiat Class 9 in a few seconds and save it to your computer or mobile phone for later use.

9th Class Books

chemistry subject
Chemistry English
chemistry subject
Chemistry Urdu
physics subject
Physics English
physics subject
Physics Urdu
math subject
english subject
computer subject
Computer English
computer subject
Computer Urdu
textile industry subject
Textile Industry
islamiat subject
Islamiat Lazmi
urdu subject
tarjama-tul-quran subject
ethics subject
food and nutrition subject
Food and Nutrition
pak studies subject
Pak. Studies
education subject
math subject
General Maths

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