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Al-Huda Science Academy is focusing not only on short questions and long questions but also on Biology Chapter 12 MCQs Class 11. Entry Tests required a lot of effort on Multiple Choice Questions that should be of conceptual in nature. The users can participate without login to MCQs test. All MCQs are taken from the past papers of Punjab Boards. Chapter 12 of F.Sc Part 1 Biology is based on Nutrition.

Biology Chapter 12 includes

  • Autotrophic nutrition
  • Hetrotrophic nutrition
  • Digestion and absorption
  • Some common diseases related to nutrition

Biology Chapter 12 MCQs Class 11



#1. HCl is secreted by gastric gland cells of stomach:

#2. Liver secretes bile into:

#3. If the absorption of water cells and cells does not take place due to infection, drug action or emotional disturbance, a condition known as:

#4. Which is not related to gastric juice in humans:

#5. These animals have large canine:

#6. Carnivorous plants live in soils that are deficient in:

#7. Which one is a parasitic plant:

#8. The organism that lives upon within an another organism is called:

#9. Which one of the following is not a carnivore:

#10. The human stomach is situated below the:

#11. Which are not omnivores:

#12. The process of taking in foods is:

#13. In Hydra, ectodermal cells get food from endodermal cells by:

#14. The animals which eat both plants and animals are called:

#15. Elimination of undigested matter by an animal is called:

#16. Utilization of products of digestion for production of energy or synthesis of cellular material is:

#17. The first part of small intestine is called:

#18. The middle part of small intestine of man is called:

#19. Tentacles is a characteristic of:

#20. Sites of digestion in the digestive system of man are:

#21. Sublingual glands are located below the:

#22. Carbohydrate digesting enzymes are called:

#23. Which of the following secrete pepsinogen:

#24. Incomplete or imperfect digestion is called:

#25. Which type of cells in human stomach secrete gastrin:

#26. A plant requires nitrogen and sulphur for its:

#27. Gastrin secretion is inhibited by:

#28. Some bacteria breakdown the proteins of dead plants and animals and release:

#29. The uptake of the diffusible food molecules from the digestive region across the membrane into the cell is called:

#30. Biological name of sundew is:

#31. Rodents are:

#32. The length of Jejunum is about:

#33. Which of the following is not a carnivore:

#34. If bile pigments are accumulated in blood, condition is known as:

#35. Emulsification is the function of:

#36. Gall stones are formed in the gall bladder due to precipitation of:

#37. The length of duodenum of human is about:

#38. In man most of the digestion takes place in:

#39. Bacteria which produce vitamin K are present in:

#40. Excess gastric secretion is an important factor for:

#41. One of the following plays a slight antiseptic role in the oral cavity:

#42. A neurotic disorder in slightly older girls is:

#43. Muscles of stomach are of which type:


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