Al-Huda Science Academy is focusing not only on short questions and long questions but also on Biology Chapter 4 MCQs Class 11. Entry Tests required a lot of effort on Multiple Choice Questions that should be of conceptual in nature. The users can participate without login to MCQs test. All MCQs are taken from the past papers of Punjab Boards. Chapter 4 of F.Sc Part 1 Biology is based on The Cell In this chapter, students will learn about concepts of:

Cell Theories and functions of cell and its organelles.

Biology Chapter 4 MCQs Class 11



#1. When cross-section of centriole is observed it shows as it consists of:

#2. The end product of glucose breakdown during glycolysis is:

#3. Organelle found in both prokaryotic and eukaryotic cell is:

#4. Organelle of symbiotic origin is:

#5. The cells which transmit impulses are:

#6. The attachment of two sub-units of ribosomes is controlled by:

#7. Ribosomes are particles of:

#8. Haemo portion of Haemoglobin contains an atom of:

#9. The cells which secrete their hormones are:

#10. Which of the one in the following is a prokaryote:

#11. Which is found in primary wall:

#12. They impart colours other than green:

#13. In eukaryotic cell, ribosomes are assembled in:

#14. All are related to secondary wall, except:

#15. Which statements about plastid is true:

#16. In many animal cells, the cell membrane helps to take in material by infolding in the form of vacuoles is called:

#17. The soluble part of cytoplasm is called:

#18. Plastids are present only in:

#19. The number of chromosomes in sperm of Drosophila is:

#20. Organelle is concerned with cell secretion:

#21. Cell walls of prokaryotic organism lack cellulose, instead of cellulose its strengthening material is:

#22. Any foreign object that gains entry inside the cell is immediately engulfed by:

#23. Membrane bounded green pigment containing bodies present in the cells are called as:

#24. The fluid which surrounds the thylakoids is called:

#25. Centriole is associated with:

#26. The plasma membrane and everything present within it is called:

#27. The process of taking in liquid material by the cell membrane is called:

#28. The percentage of lipids in plasma membrane is:

#29. Cell wall is secreted by:

#30. Chitin is found in cell wall of:

#31. A structure found attached to membranes in cell. It consists of two parts, Name it:

#32. What is not true about microfilaments:

#33. The protein present in microtubules is:

#34. The mitochondria functions in:

#35. Cristae are found in:

#36. Stroma is a fluid in a chloroplast:

#37. The size of prokaryotic ribosome is:

#38. Infoldings of inner membrane of mitochondria are:

#39. Proteins are synthesized by:

#40. Cell membrane has 60-80%:

#41. The enzymes which are involved in protein synthesis are integral part of:

#42. Harmful substances are detoxified in the liver cells by:

#43. Sedimentation rate of eukaryotic ribosome is:


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