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Al-Huda Science Academy is focusing not only on short questions and long questions but also on Biology Chapter 6 MCQs Class 11. Entry Tests required a lot of effort on Multiple Choice Questions that should be of conceptual in nature. The users can participate without login to MCQs test. All MCQs are taken from the past papers of Punjab Boards. Chapter 6 of F.Sc Part 1 Biology is based on Kingdom Prokaryotae (Monera) In this chapter, students will learn about concepts of:

Unicellular organisms, their living mechanisms and history.

Biology Chapter 6 MCQs Class 11



#1. Example of apicomplexans is:

#2. Cell wall of Archaeobacteria donot contain:

#3. Germ theory of disease was formulated by:

#4. Which one of the the following is a microaerophilic bacterium:

#5. Mesosomes are internal extensions of the:

#6. Some bacteria breakdown the proteins of dead plants and animals and release:

#7. Bacteria increase in number by asexual mean of reproduction:

#8. If tuft of flagella is present only at one pole of bacteria then these are called as:

#9. The waord antibiotic is:

#10. Primary functions of flagella is to help in:

#11. Misuse of pencillin may cause:

#12. Pili are made up of special protein called:

#13. The dormant, thick walled, desiccation resistant forms in bacteria are:

#14. Bacterial flagella originate from:

#15. Bacterial pathogenicity is due to:

#16. Mesosomes are invagination of:

#17. Pili are primarily involved in a mating process between cells called:

#18. Bacterial cell membrane also contains enzyme for:

#19. Important vectors in modern genetic engineering techniques are:

#20. Rod shaped bacteria are called:

#21. A cube of eight cocci is termed as:

#22. Chemical substances used on living tissues that inhibit the growth of microorganisms are called:

#23. Oval shaped bacteria are:

#24. Which is an anaerobic bacterium:

#25. E.coli is an example of:

#26. The bacteria which can either grow either in presence or absence of oxygen are called:

#27. Name the cyanobacteria which are helpful in fixing atmospheric nitrogen:

#28. Asexual reproduction in bacteria occurs by:

#29. The most ancient bacteria are:

#30. The bacteria that cause diseases in Human beings, are called:

#31. When cocci occur in pairs, the arrangement is:

#32. Cysts are dormant, thick-walled, desiccation resistant forms an develop during:


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