Al-Huda Science Academy has specifically designed Computer Chapter 1 Class 12 Short Questions to help the students for their Punjab Board examination. This chapter is about Data Basics where students can learn about data and its important features.

These questions are important according to board point of view. We have created easy answers to these questions for students. Most of the answers have examples for better understanding. Students can easily get the answers by mailing us at

Computer Chapter 1 Class 12 – Data Basics – Short Questions

  1. What is data?
  2. What is information?
  3. What is the difference between data and information?
  4. Define data processing.
  5. What is data manipulation?
  6. Define field?
  7. Define record.
  8. Define file.
  9. Name the file types from usage point of view.
  10. Name the file types from function point of view.
  11. What is program file?
  12. What do you mean by file organization?
  13. Name different types of file organization?
  14. What are sequential files?
  15. What are direct or random-access files?
  16. What are indexed sequential files?
  17. What is an index?
  18. Define database?
  19. What is database management system?
  20. What is data dictionary?
  21. What do you mean by consistency constraint?
  22. What is meant by data independence?
  23. Name some large databases developed.
  24. Write down any two disadvantages of database system.
  25. What are the activities performed on data?
  26. Name the four major components of database system.

For students ease, their is option to download the Important Short Question of Chapter 1 in PDF format.

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Download Computer Important Short Questions of Chapter 1 in PDF

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