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Life is a process of continuous struggle. In this sentence, there are three words “process”, “continuous” and “struggle” which are necessary to know before cope with challenges in life.

First: process – includes all steps that someone takes to gain a specific objective.

Second: continuous – means to work constantly without any interruption.

Third: struggle – means to wrestle for freedom from resistance.

Allah Almighty has given man courage, patience, consistency, dare and faith that assist him to subsist with challenges. Life is not such a rostrum that contains only flowers without thorns. But it’s sometimes hard and requires endless efforts to manage the overwhelming situations.

Positive Ways to Cope with Challenges


Self-sufficiency gives courage in life. Man, only gains courage when he is capable of doing some work. To work doesn’t mean that man is experienced of some skills or some expertise. It means man is valor enough to accept the coming challenges with full devotion. He must have a decision-making mind instead of waiting for someone that help him out of challenges.


Man is naturally impatient that’s why Allah has said in His Holy books that “Allah is with those who are patient”. This quality helps man to handle challenges in life and removes discomforts. Mental satisfaction is precious than all necessary commodities therefore, be patient to get relieves of soul and mind.


The more you consistent, the more you seek. This is an alarming situation that a man had started a business and after some months or years left it for a new one. There may be many reasons like he didn’t understand it, he loved to do something other or he tired of running it further. But such people often attain nothing because of such attitude. Google is a huge example of consistency, both friends devoted their full life to a single work that was denied many times by great businessmen. So, be consistent to be successful.


A common sentence often our elders tackle that act dare to be successful. Youth fly this into the sky without noticing its fruitful results. History is full of dare people and it doesn’t matter who’s from which religion or area, matter is what were the intensions of those people. Why they’re daring? What gave them heart satisfaction? Which entities willing them to fight against the challenges for people? Daring is important to cope with challenges, Edhi is a live example of daring, who never thought that it’s difficult to handle for me but he accepted all challenges and fight bravely.

Faith to Cope with Challenges

Believe in yourself means to be confident on all efforts that you have done in life and will do in coming future. Confidence can only be gained by virtue of hardworking and by believing on serviceable work. Once you got faith to cope with challenges in life no matter success will be in your feet.

To Cope with Challenges isn’t Hard but Requires Unless Efforts.

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