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Guess Paper Computer Class 11

11th Class Computer Important Short Questions

Chapter 1

  1. Differentiate between software and hardware.
  2. What is meant by information technology?
  3. Differentiate between bit and byte.
  4. Define touchpad/trackpad.
  5. What is a bar code reader?
  6. Define input and output devices.
  7. What is the basic use of a mouse and keyboard?
  8. What is a light pen?
  9. Define trackball.
  10. What is a smart card?
  11. Differentiate between softcopy and hardcopy.

Chapter 2

  1. What is the Internet?
  2. What is the purpose of FTP?
  3. Define bridge.
  4. What are de facto and de-jure standards?
  5. What is NIC (Network Interface Card)?
  6. Define client.
  7. Define router.
  8. Give benefits of using computer networks.
  9. Define token.
  10. What is workgroup computing?
  11. What is Unicode?
  12. What is a dedicated server?
  13. List any two LAN protocols.

Chapter 3

  1. Describe synchronous transmission.
  2. List three features of a modem.
  3. What is ASCII code?
  4. What is data communication?
  5. Differentiate between analog and digital signals.
  6. Differentiate between baseband and broadband.
  7. Describe data representation in a computer.
  8. What is the function of the encoder?
  9. What is microwave data transmission?
  10. What is fiber optic?
  11. Define bandwidth.
  12. Define text and numeric data.
  13. Define modulation and demodulation.
  14. Compare serial and parallel transmission.

Chapter 4

  1. Define CAM (computer-aided manufacturing). Write its benefits.
  2. Define simulation. Write its purpose.
  3. What is an ATM? State its purpose.
  4. How computers can be useful in weather forecasting, marketing, airline, and medical fields?
  5. Define CAD (computer-aided design).
  6. What is computer-based training?
  7. Describe online and e-banking.
  8. What is video conferencing?
  9. What is a robot? Write its uses in industry.
  10. What is online education?
  11. Define E-commerce.
  12. Define document management system.
  13. How computers are used in departmental stores now?

Chapter 5

  1. Differentiate between serial and parallel ports.
  2. Compare compiler and interpreter.
  3. What is a register? What do you know about the stack pointer registers?
  4. List out the name of general-purpose registers.
  5. What are interrupts?
  6. Define DMA. Write its function.
  7. Describe computer architecture.
  8. Why is RAM volatile and ROM is non-volatile?
  9. Differentiate between SRAM and DRAM.
  10. Differentiate between RAM and ROM.
  11. What is Van Neumann computer model?
  12. What is CPU?
  13. Define input and output units.
  14. Differentiate between primary memory and cache memory.
  15. Differentiate between source code and object code.
  16. Differentiate between low-level and high-level languages.
  17. Define the role of main memory in the computer system.

Chapter 6

  1. What is antivirus? Write its basic function.
  2. What is a privacy issue?
  3. Write some benefits of passwords.
  4. Define backup. Why is it important?
  5. Define software piracy.
  6. What is the logic bomb?
  7. What is copyright?
  8. Define biometrics. Write two biometric methods.

Chapter 7

  1. Differentiate between multitasking and multiprocessing.
  2. Differentiate between the user and multiuser operating systems.
  3. Define recycle bin. Write its purpose.
  4. What is GUI? Give some examples.
  5. What is My Document folder?
  6. What is a control panel? Write its use.
  7. Define event. List two events of a mouse.
  8. Define multitasking.

Chapter 8

  1. Define word processor. Write its four features.
  2. What is a clipboard?
  3. What is paragraph formatting?
  4. What is character formatting?
  5. What is mail merge? State its purpose.
  6. Differentiate between header and footer in MS Word.
  7. Differentiate between save and save as an option.

Chapter 9

  1. Differentiate between formula and function.
  2. Differentiate between the active cell and the passive cell.
  3. What is a spreadsheet? List two benefits.
  4. Define sum and average function.
  5. Differentiate between worksheet and workbook.

Chapter 10

  1. Define email address.
  2. List some important browsers.
  3. Define search engines and give examples.
  4. Define internet. Write uses of the internet.
  5. What does URL mean?
  6. How are web pages created?

11th Class Computer Important Long Questions

Chapter 1

  1. What is an impact printer? Discuss its types.
  2. What is a non-impact printer? Discuss its types.
  3. Define software. Explain different types of software.
  4. Discuss different types of display screens in detail.
  5. Define mouse. List its events in detail.
  6. What is a keyboard? Explain the types of keys.

Chapter 2

  1. What is a computer network? Discuss different network models.
  2. Define network topology. What is star topology? Explain with a working diagram.
  3. Define network topology. What is bus topology? Explain with a working diagram.
  4. Define network topology. What is tree topology? Explain with a working diagram.
  5. Define network topology. What is mesh topology? Explain with a working diagram.
  6. Define network topology. What is ring topology? Explain with a working diagram.

Chapter 3

  1. Define data transmission mode. Explain its types with examples.
  2. What is data communication? Explain the basic components of a communication network.
  3. What is data encoding? Discuss different encoding schemes in detail.

Chapter 5

  1. Define computer language. Discuss its types.
  2. What is a computer? Discuss the primary components of a computer system.
  3. Explain RAM with its types.
  4. Explain ROM with its types.
  5. Define interrupts with types.

Chapter 6

  1. Define computer virus. Explain different causes of computer viruses. Also, write how it spreads.
  2. Deine virus. Explain its types.
  3. What is data security? Discuss different data security threats. Write any four solutions to these threats.

Chapter 7

  1. Define and explain word processor.
  2. State the use of a clipboard in MS Word.
  3. List any four features of a simple word processor.

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