Guess paper English for Class 9 is up-to-date and the most important questions are given according to Punjab boards. These guess papers will help you get the highest marks on your papers. Punjab Board guess paper English is relevant to all chapters, and we have tried to include all the necessary questions to help students score more than seventy percent.

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Guess Paper English Class 9

9th Class Important Questions of English

Lesson 1

What type of land is Arabia?

Why was the Holy Quran sent in Arabic?

For which ability were the Arabs famous?

What was the condition of mankind before Hazrat Muhammad ﷺ?

Why did the Rasool ﷺ stay in the cave of Hira?

What was the first revelation?

Where is Makkah situated?

What type of competitions were held in Ukaz?

What was the mission of the Rasool ﷺ?

Lesson 2

How will you define patriotism?

What are the qualities of a patriot?

As a citizen of Pakistan, what are your duties towards your country?

What makes us stay alert in the wake of foreign invasion?

Who offers sacrifice for the country?

What is the highest military award of Pakistan?

Chapter 3

What are the two major means of communication? Give three examples of each.

How does media provide entertainment?

What happens when media is allowed to play its role unchecked?

What type of information does the media provide?

Chapter 4

Why was Hazrat Abu Quhafaa (R.A) worried?

How did Hazrat Asma (R.A) console her grandfather?

Who was Hazrat Abdullah Bin Zubair (R.A)?

“Her life would always be a beacon of light for all of us.” How?

Who were the emigrants and where did they migrate to?

Why was Abu Jehl furious?

Chapter 5

How does the poet feel in the company of daffodils?

What do the daffodils represent in the poem?

How has the poet heightened the impact of the poem by using figurative language?

Chapter 6

How much confidence did Quaid-e-Azam have in his poem?

What was Quaid’s concept of our nation?

What was the ideology of Pakistan in the view of Quaid-e-Azam?

How can we become a strong nation?

Why did the Quaid want the oneness of the whole nation?

Chapter 7

Why is the Sultan Ahmad Masjid also known as the Blue Mosque?

Who was appointed as the architect of the masjid?

How does the interior of the masjid look?

Why do you think madrassah and hospice were part of the masjid?

Who constructed Masjid Sophia?

For what purpose does a heavy iron chain hang there?

Where is the royal room situated?

Chapter 8

Why does the speaker stop on “the darkest evening of the year”?

Why does the horse impatiently await the next move of his master?

Chapter 9

Why did the nurse ask Hira’s sister to come and talk to her?

Why did the nurse disagree with the doctor’s point of view?

Describe some qualities of the nurse in the story.

What is an ICU in a hospital?

Chapter 10

What are the causes of drug addiction?

What are the effects of drug addiction?

What is the role of counseling in preventing drug addiction?

Which environmental factors are responsible for drug addiction?

What do you understand by the term Counseling?

Chapter 11

How do you define noise pollution?

How is transport a source of noise pollution?

How is the construction work a cause of noise pollution?

How is the use of technology causing noise pollution?

Why is noise dangerous for human health?

What is normal functioning and how is it disrupting?

How can we cope with the serious issue of noise pollution?

Chapter 12

Who was Hellen Keller?

What makes you feel that author is sad and depressed?

How do you get the impression that Hellen Keller was a great admirer of nature?

Why is the arising of the Sun so special for the author?

What does the revelation of beauty mean to her?

Why was she no time to waste in longings?

Important Translation Paragraphs from English to Urdu

  1. In the fifth and sixth centuries … (Unit 1)
  2. The period of waiting had come to a close … (Unit 1)
  3. The revelation of the divine message … (Unit 1)
  4. Since this belief was threatening … (Unit 1)
  5. Patriotism means love for motherland … (Unit 2)
  6. Patriotism gives people the strength … (Unit 2)
  7. Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah was a nation … (Unit 2)
  8. To start with, let me clearly explain … (Unit 3)
  9. Media helps people to share … (Unit 3)
  10. The Rasool ﷺ and his close companion … (Unit 4)
  11. The preparation of this journey … (Unit 4)
  12. Her grandfather Hazrat Abu Quhafaa was a … (Unit 4)
  13. Hazrat Asma will always be remembered … (Unit 4)
  14. The entire journey of the great leader … (Unit 6)
  15. The ideology of Pakistan was based … (Unit 6)
  16. Quaid-e-Azam was a man of strong faith … (Unit 6)
  17. Today the Quaid’s Pakistan is facing … (Unit 6)
  18. The Sultan Ahmad Masjid is one … (Unit 7)
  19. The Blue Masjid reflects the architectural … (Unit 7)
  20. The masjid has a spacious forecourt … (Unit 7)
  21. The upper level of the interior is … (Unit 7)
  22. The most important element in the interior … (Unit 7)
  23. The Blue Masjid has six minarets … (Unit 7)
  24. I was upset … (Unit 9)
  25. I was sent on a three months training … (Unit 9)
  26. I stood still until her family came … (Unit 9)
  27. She and her family had entered … (Unit 9)
  28. Drug addiction is the common problem … (Unit 10)
  29. The most important measure to be taken … (Unit 10)
  30. Rehabilitation centers are the best … (Unit 10)
  31. Drug addiction is really a very serious … (Unit 10)
  32. Noise pollution is defined as any form of … (Unit 11)
  33. Noise pollution is one of the biggest source … (Unit 11)
  34. Noise pollution causes not only environment … (Unit 11)
  35. Noise pollution is a serious issue … (Unit 11)
  36. In stories, the doomed hero is usually saved … (Unit 12)
  37. Perhaps I can best illustrate … (Unit 12)
  38. On the first day … (Unit 12)
  39. This day I should devote to a history … (Unit 12)
  40. I shall have no time to waste … (Unit 12)
  41. Now and then I have tested … (Unit 12)
  42. If I were the president of a university … (Unit 12)

Important Letters for 9th Class

  1. Write a letter to your mother who is worried about your health.
  2. Write a letter to your father asking him about the health of your mother.
  3. Write a letter to your mother about the test you have just taken.
  4. Write a letter to your father requesting him to send you some extra funds for the payment of hostel dues.
  5. Write a letter to your friend requesting him/her to spend his/her spring holidays with you.
  6. Write a letter to your brother about the importance of the study of science subjects.
  7. Write a letter to your friend condoling the death of his mother.
  8. Write a letter to your friend congratulating his/her on his/her birthday.
  9. Write a letter to your friend requesting him to lend you some books.

Important Summaries of Class 9

  1. Daffodils
  2. Stopping by the woods on a snowy evening

Important Translation from Urdu to English

تم جھوٹے بہانے بناتےہو۔

لوگ دو گھنٹے سے آگ بجھا رہے تھے۔

وہ کل سے جھوٹے بہانے بنا رہا ہوگا۔

وہ باقاعدہ ورزش نہیں کرتا ہے۔

چپڑاسی گھنٹی نہیں بجا رہا تھا۔

محنتی طالب علم انعام پاتے ہیں۔

بورڈ نے نتیجہ کا اعلان کر دیا ہے۔

وہ دو دن سے ورزش نہیں کر رہا ہے۔

لکڑی پانی میں نہیں ڈوبتی ہے۔

آج مطلع ابر آلود ہے۔

ہر پاکستانی محبِ وطن ہے۔

تم نے اپنا وعدہ پورا نہ کیا۔

ہم تمہارا انتظار کریں گے۔

سورج طلوع ہو رہا ہو گا۔

بچے شور مچا رہے تھے۔

ایک درجن انڈے خراب تھے۔

سورج غروب ہوچکا ہوگا۔

میری عمر مندرہ برس ہے۔

بچہ دو گھنٹے سے رہ رہا تھا۔

پاکستان میرا پیارا وطن ہے۔

ہماری ٹیم نے میچ جیت لیا ہے۔

گھنٹی کون بجا رہا ہے؟

دروازہ کس نے کھٹکھٹایا ہے؟

پاکستان دن دگنی رات چگنی ترقی کر رہا ہے۔

تم مکان کب خالی کرؤ گے؟

استاد آٹھ بجے سے پڑھا رہا ہے۔

موسم برسات شروع ہوچکا ہے۔

مزدور کام سے جی نہیں چُرا رہے تھے۔

یہ قصاب کم تولتا ہے۔

ہم ہر روز اخبار پڑھتے ہیں۔

Important Comprehension Passages

  1. There was once a man whose doctor gave him medicine …
  2. Early rising is a good habit …
  3. Hazrat Khalid Bin Waleed was extremely kind-hearted…
  4. King Robert Bruce ruled over Scotland …
  5. Musa was in chief command, and the gates were in his charge …
  6. On a hot summer day, a fox felt very thirsty …
  7. One day a girl found a coin …
  8. There lived a monkey in a forest …
  9. The Indian National Congress was founded in 1885 …
  10. About sixty years ago, the question of choosing …
  11. Newspaper keeps us constantly in touch with the whole …
  12. One day a wolf felt hungry …
  13. We see a kind of milk in tins. It is powdered milk …

Important Word Sentences Class 9


Click away






Fall a prey

Raise awareness










To keep an eye


Aware of




Pass through

Bits and pieces



Geared up




Raising spirit

Reveal the secret



Man in the street


Mad with anger

Gave away






Fit of fury





Important Active and Passive Voice Sentences

She brought five video films.

Five video films were bought by her.

They have not done their job.

Their job has not been done by them.

She has not beaten the dog.

The dog has not been beaten by her.

We did not hear a sound.

A sound was not heard by us.

He will give you a box of chocolates.

You will be given a box of chocolates by him.

They had gained nothing.

Nothing had been gained by them.

They have bought a house.

A house has been bought by them.

I was given five films by her.

She gave me five films.

She likes apples.

Apples are liked by her.

Why did she write such a letter?

Why was such a letter written by her?

They are buying this house.

This house is being bought by them.

She was teaching the students.

The students were being taught by her.

He will write a letter.

A letter will be written by him.

They caught the thief.

The thief was caught by them.

A car ran over an old man.

An old man was run over by a car.

The boy is climbing a wall.

A wall is being climbed by the boy.

The mother loves the children.

The children are loved by the mother.

This house is being bought by them.

They are buying this house.

We use milk for making cheese.

Milk is used by us for making cheese.

They have bought a horse.

A horse has been bought by them.

The boy makes the picture.

The picture is made by the boy.

They have not done their job.

Their job has not been done by them.

Why is he mending the chair?

Why the chair is being mended by him?

They had not done their home task.

Their home task had not been done by them.

The board has given me a gold medal.

I have been given a gold medal by the board.

We shall have killed the snake.

The snake will have been killed by us.

The doctor asked her to stay in bed.

She was asked to stay in bed by the doctor.

We shall have finished our work by March next.

By March next, our work will have been finished by us.

He took my books.

My books were taken by him.

Letters are being posted.

Somebody is posting letters.

You solved the question.

The question was solved by you.

Naushaba is helped by Khursheed.

Khursheed helps Naushaba.

Why were they beating the boy?

Why the boy was being beaten by them?

He had told me to do it.

I had been told by him to do it.

The poor man has grown rich.

The poor man has been grown rich. (Not possible)

The goat gives milk.

Milk is given by the goat.

This cloth is selling cheap.

This cloth is being sold cheap.

Kites are being flown.

The kites fly.

Guess Papers for Class 9

chemistry subject
biology subject
physics subject
computer subject
math subject
english subject

Schemes of Class 9

chemistry subject
biology subject
physics subject
computer subject
math subject
pak studies subject
Pak Studies

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