Inverted commas are used to give the exact words of a speaker or to enclose a quotation.


Inverted Commas are represented by symbol ” “.


He said, “I have fulfilled my promise”.

“Live and let life”, is a golden principle.

More Uses of Inverted Commas

  • If a quotation occurs within a quotation then it is marked as single inverted commas.


The examiner said, “the boy sitting next to me said, ‘be careful, the invigilator is watching us’ and I told him to do his work”.

  • Used to enclose technical and unfamiliar items or such words as are used to convey unusual meanings.

Example: The “invisible” government of Pakistan is responsible for this.

Note: A word written within inverted commas has opposite meanings. Honest in inverted commas as “Honest” means dishonest.

  • To enclose titles of literary or other pieces of work.


He read a loud “Button Button”.

He read aloud “The Rain”.

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