Pakistan Medical Commission (PMC) has issued a list of medical colleges in Pakistan, both private and public sectors. The private medical colleges include 43 in Punjab, 17 in Sindh, 10 in KPK, 1 in AJK and 1 in Balochistan.

List of Private Medical Colleges in Pakistan

Private Medical Colleges in Punjab

Sr. No.Name of Medical CollegeLocationSeats
1Abwa Medical CollegeFaisalabad100
2Akhtar Saeed Medical & Dental CollegeLahore150
3Al Aleem Medical CollegeLahore100
4Al-Nafees Medical CollegeIslamabad100
5Amna Inayat Medical CollegeLahore100
6Avicenna Medical CollegeLahore150
7Aziz Fatimah Medical & Dental CollegeFaisalabad100
8Azra Naheed Medical CollegeLahore150
9Bakhtawar Amin Medical & Dental CollegeMultan100
10Central Parks Medical CollegeLahore100
11CMH Institute of Medical SciencesBahawalpur100
12CMH Kharian Medical CollegeKharian Cantt100
13CMH Lahore Medical CollegeLahore Cantt150
14CMH Multan Institute of Medical Sciences (CIMS)Multan Cantt150
15Continental Medical CollegeLahore50
16Fazaia Medical CollegeIslamabad100
17FMH College of Medicine & DentistryLahore100
18Foundation University Medical CollegeIslamabad150
19HBS Medical & Dental CollegeIslamabad100
20HITEC Institute of Medical SciencesTaxila100
21Independent Medical CollegeFaisalabad100
22Islam Medical CollegeSialkot150
23Islamabad Medical & Dental CollegeIslamabad100
24Islamic International Medical CollegeRawalpindi100
25Lahore Medical & Dental CollegeLahore150
26M. Islam Medical CollegeGujranwala100
27Multan Medical & Dental CollegeMultan150
28Niazi Medical & Dental CollegeSargodha100
29Rahbar Medical & Dental CollegeLahore100
30Rai Medical CollegeSargodha100
31Rashid Latif Medical CollegeLahore150
32Rawal Institute of Health SciencesIslamabad100
33Sahara Medical CollegeNarowal100
34Shahida Islam Medical CollegeLodhran100
35Shalamar Medical & Dental CollegeLahore150
36Sharif Medical & Dental CollegeLahore100
37Shifa College of MedicineIslamabad100
38Sialkot Medical CollegeSialkot100
39University College of Medicine & DentistryLahore150
40University Medical & Dental CollegeFaisalabad150
41Wah Medical CollegeWah Cantt100
42Watim Medical CollegeRawalpindi100
43Pak Red Crescent Medical & Dental CollegeLahore100

Private Medical Colleges in Sindh

Sr. No.Name of Medical CollegeLocationSeats
1Aga Khan University Medical CollegeKarachi100
2Al-Tibri Medical CollegeKarachi100
3Bahria University Medical CollegeKarachi150
4Faculty of Medicine & Allied Medical Sciences/Isra UniversityHyderabad150
5Indus Medical CollegeTando M. Khan100
6Jinnah Medical & Dental CollegeKarachi100
7Karachi Institute of Medical Sciences/ KIMSKarachi100
8Liaquat College of Medicine & DentistryKarachi100
9Liaquat National Medical CollegeKarachi100
10Muhammad Medical CollegeMirpurkhas100
11Sir Syed College of Medical Sciences for GirlsKarachi100
12United Medical & Dental CollegeKarachi100
13Ziauddin Medical CollegeKarachi150
14Fazaia Ruth Pfao Medical CollegeKarachi100
15Hamdard College of Medicine & DentistryKarachi100
16Baqai Medical CollegeKarachi100
17Suleman Roshan Medical CollegeTando Adam100

Private Medical Colleges in KPK

Sr. No.Name of Medical CollegeLocationSeats
1Abbottabad International Medical CollegeAbbottabad100
2Al-Razi Medical CollegePeshawar100
3Frontier Medical CollegeAbbottabad100
4Kabir Medical CollegePeshawar100
5Northwest School of MedicinePeshawar100
6Pak International Medical CollegePeshawar100
7Peshawar Medical CollegePeshawar150
8Rehman Medical CollegePeshawar100
9Women Medical CollegeAbbottabad100
10Swat Medical CollegeSwat100

Private Medical Colleges in AJK

Sr. No.Name of Medical CollegeLocationSeats
1Mohiuddin Islamic Medical CollegeMirpur-AJ&K100

Private Medical Colleges in Balochistan

Sr. No.Name of Medical CollegeLocationSeats
1Quetta Institute of Medical SciencesQuetta-Cantt100

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