Al-Huda Science Academy has designed Physics Chapter 1 Class 9 MCQs for board preparation. Most of the questions are from the previous board papers. These are helping material for all type of students. Must share to your fellows if helpful.

Time allocated to each question is 30 seconds.

Physics Chapter 1 Class 9 MCQs




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#1. Which instrument is suitable for measuring the internal diameter of a bottle?

#2. One litre is equal to _______ millilitre.

#3. One femto is equal to:

#4. What is the least count of mechanical stopwatch?

#5. The number of base units in S.I are:

#6. The smallest quantity among theses is:

#7. Amount of a substance in terms of numbers is measured in:

#8. 1mm =

#9. One pico meter is equal to:

#10. One giga is equal to:

#11. An interval of 200 µs is equivalent to

#12. The least count of vernier Callipers is:

#13. One meter is equal to:

#14. The least count of digital vernier Callipers is:

#15. The number of significant figures in 100.8s is:

#16. 3.3 GHz is equal to:

#17. Which instrument is most suitable to measure the internal diameter of a test tube?

#18. A measuring cylinder is used to measure:

#19. In S.I system, the unit of mass is:

#20. The study of internal structure of the earth is called:

#21. One mega is equal to:

#22. Which one of the following unit is not a derived unit?

#23. The word science is derived from:

#24. Significant figures in an expression are:

#25. One cubic meter is equal to:

#26. The length of meter rule is:

#27. The number of significant figures in 0.00580 km is:

#28. A student claimed the diameter of a wire as 1.032 mm using screw gauge. Upto what extent extent do you agree with it?


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