Physics Chapter 3 Class 9 MCQs Online Test

Al-Huda Science Academy has designed Physics Chapter 3 Class 9 MCQs for board preparation. Most of the questions are from the previous board papers. These are helping material for all type of students. Must share to your fellows if helpful.

Time allocated to each question is 30 seconds.

Physics Chapter 3 Class 9 MCQs


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#1. The weight of the body is 147N. Its mass will be:

#2. The force that opposes the motion of moving objects is called:

#3. A string is stretched by two and opposite forces 10N each. The tension in the string is:

#4. In S.I., the unit of weight is:

#5. Weight is measured by:

#6. The time rate of change of momentum is called:

#7. The mass of a body:

#8. The formula of momentum is:

#9. A mass of 6 kg is moving with an acceleration of 2 meter per second. Force acting on it is:

#10. Spring balance is used to measure:

#11. Centripetal force always acts _____ to the motion of the body.

#12. Fc =

#13. Coefficient of friction between wood and concrete is:

#14. A force that keeps a body to move in a circle is called:

#15. The maximum value of friction is called:

#16. When a horse pulls a cart, the action is on the:

#17. Weight "w" is equal to:

#18. The resultant of all the forces acting on a body is called:

#19. Which of following relation is correct?

#20. Which of the following is the unit of momentum:

#21. Newton's first law of motion is valid only in the absence of

#22. The unit of force is:

#23. The mass of a body at surface of earth is 16 kg. Its weight will be:

#24. ______ lowers friction between sliding metal plates.

#25. Centripetal acceleration is equal to:

#26. Law of inertia is also known as:

#27. 1N is equal to:

#28. Inertia depends upon:

#29. The value of coefficient of friction between ice and wood is:

#30. Coefficient of friction between tyre and dry road is:

#31. Coefficient of friction is equal to:

#32. If velocity of the body becomes double, then centripetal force will be:

#33. When the cyclist stops pedaling, bicycle stops due to:

#34. A boy jumps out of a moving bus. There is a danger for him to fall:

#35. The mass of a boy is 40 kg. Its weight on the earth will be:

#36. In an isolated system the momentum after collision of two bodies is:


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