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Write a Report to the Manager WAPDA about the Load Shedding, from a Social Worker

Dated: February 1, 2022


The Manager,
Water and Power Development Authority (Wapda),

From: A Social Worker.

Subject: Report on Load Shedding



Being a social expert, I am extraordinarily stunned to see the extreme power breakdown in the country. This has made everyone dull and troubled. I have arranged a report on load shedding for the direction of the general population and the exerts. I present the report as under:

Electric energy is of the most extreme significance for the survival of present-day life. The success of a nation is straightforwardly connected with the stock of energy. Power is required in each area of present-day life. The working of rail routes, clinics, business focuses, totally subject to power. Without power our farms and industry stop creation.

Sources of electricity:

We create power from water, oil, coal and gas. The power created by water is modest all the time. However, tragically, we have neglected to construct dams, which are the principle wellspring of putting away water and producing power. Power created by oil, gas and coal is exorbitant. We have neglected to construct Kala Bag Dam, which is viewed as the greatest source of producing power.

The demand of Electricity:

The interest of power is expanding in the country because of the expanding interest for utilization. The extension of industry completely relies upon power. The utilization of power expands in summer. The utilization of climate control systems is expanding each year.

The actions to save energy have gravely ended. Individuals use power as freely as could be expected. The whole country experiences indiscipline.

Measures to overcome load shedding.

The following measures should be adopted to fight against energy crisis.

  • The production of power can be expanded by setting up more power stations.
  • We should construct more dams to store water and create power at modest rates.
  • Thermal power ought to be utilized as a significant source of energy.
  • Sunlight based energy ought to be made well known.
  • A mission on power media ought to be begun to save energy definitely.


Social Worker A.B.C

By Ahsa.Pk

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