Al-Huda Science Academy has specifically designed Biology Chapter 19 Class 12 Short Questions to help the students for their Punjab Board examination.

These questions are important according to board point of view. All questions are given with page numbers for easy approach of students. The answers to the questions have not been uploaded but we are trying our best to facilitate the students with best possible answers that can help them well in papers.

Biology Chapter 19 Class 12 Short Questions

  1. What is Embryonic Development? Page 105
  2. What do you know about Open Growth? Page 105
  3. What are Growing Points? Page 105
  4. What are Determinate and Indeterminate Lateral Meristems? Page 106
  5. Describe types of growth in plants. Page 106
  6. How does Light influences plant growth? Page 107
  7. Give Graphical Representation of Growth and Differentiation in plants. Page 108
  8. Differentiate Inhibitory Effect and Compensatory Effect. Page 109
  9. Give practical application of Apical Dominance. Page 109
  10. Define Embryology. Page 110
  11. What are key events in an Animal Development. Page 110
  12.  What do you know about Discoidal Cleavage? Page 111
  13. What is Zone of Junction? Page 111
  14. Differentiate between Area Pellucida and Area Opaca. Page 111
  15. What is Primitive Streak? Page 112
  16. What is Hensen’s Node? Page 112
  17. What are Somites? Page 112
  18. What is Neurula? Page 113
  19. Give conclusions made by Spemann. Page 114
  20. Define Gray Crescent. Page 114
  21. Give different types of cytoplasm in Ascidian’s egg. Page 115
  22. Give signs and symptoms of aging. Page 115
  23. What is Gerontology? Page 116
  24. What are Neoblasts? Page 116
  25. Define Regeneration. Page 117
  26. Define Teratology. Page 117
  27. Define Aging. Page 117

For students ease, there is option to download the Important Short Question of Chapter 19 in PDF format.

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Download Biology Important Short Questions of Chapter 19 in PDF

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