2nd year biology long questions

We have found some important long questions of Biology 2nd year chapter wise that may help you to prepare your board examination. Do your best to prepare all these questions.

Important Long Questions of Biology 2nd Year

  1. Discuss excretion in cockroach.
  2. Discuss excretion in Planaria.
  3. Explain excretion in plants.
  4. What is endoskeleton? Describe bone and cartilage.
  5. Describe the significance of secondary growth in plants. Write phases of plant growth.
  6. Write a note on paratonic movements in plants.
  7. Explain osmoregulation in plants and marine animals.
  8. Write a note on human appendicular skeleton and axial skeleton.
  9. Give a detailed note on sliding filament model.
  10. Explain types of joints.
  11. Write a note on deforestation and afforestation.
  12. Elaborate some important functions of skeletal system.
  13. Explain endosymbiont hypothesis for the origin of eukaryotic cells.
  14. Explain evolution from prokaryotes to eukaryotes.
  15. The nervous system of hydra is better developed than that of planaria. Discuss.
  16. What are receptors? Explain their different types.
  17. Write a note on adrenal gland.
  18. Compare asexual reproduction with sexual reproduction.
  19. How nerve impulse is produced and passed from one neuron to the other neuron? Explain.
  20. Define the following terms: habitat, niche, food chain, food web, climax community, succession.
  21. Explain female reproductive system in human.
  22. Write a note on wildlife.
  23. Describe nitrogen cycle.
  24. Write a note on test tube babies and identical twins.
  25. What are chromosomes? What do you know about their types?
  26. Write detailed note on regeneration.
  27. Explain sexually transmitted diseases in human with the help of examples.
  28. Sketch DNA replication.
  29. Analyze Darwin’s theory of natural selection as mechanism of natural selection.
  30. Define and explain Mendel’s law of segregation.
  31. Describe the inheritance of acquired characteristics.
  32. Explain the phenomenon of gene linkage. What do you know about linkage groups.
  33. Write a note on aging. Explain causes and symptoms.
  34. Discuss genetics of colour blindness.
  35. Explain cell cycle in detail with diagrams.
  36. Explain the phenomenon of eutrophication.
  37. Define pollution. Describe the causes and effects of water pollution.
  38. Write a note on tundra ecosystem.
  39. What is abnormal development? Discuss various factors.
  40. Explain biotic components of ecosystem.
  41. Discuss male reproductive system in human.
  42. How energy is provided for muscle contraction.

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