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These are 2nd Year Chemistry Important Long Questions. These Chemistry Guess Papers for Class 12 are according to Punjab Board previous exams. Prepare these questions thoroughly to get best marks in board exams. If you have any query then contact us any time.

2nd Year Chemistry Important Long Questions

  1. Explain Mendeleev’s Periodic Table.
  2. Describe position of hydrogen.
  3. Explain ionization energy.
  4. Explain the peculiar behaviour of beryllium.
  5. Write two similarities and two dissimilarities of hydrogen with IA group of an element. (alkali metals)
  6. Write two similarities and two dissimilarities of hydrogen with IVA group of the element.
  7. Explain peculiar behaviour of boron.
  8. Explain chemical properties of borax.
  9. Give uses of borax.
  10. Complete and balance the following equations, i. Li2O + H2O ii. Na2O + H2O iii. Mg + (OH)2  iv. NaNO3 
  11. Write a note on aluminium silicate.
  12. Write a method for preparation of water glass. Also, write uses of water glass.
  13. Write any four applications of noble gases.
  14. Write uses of neon and argon.
  15. Explain the β elimination reaction ‘E2’ with an example
  16. Explain Sp3 mode of hybridization with an example.
  17. Define sp hybridization. Explain it with example of ethyne.
  18. Explain nucleophilic substitution bimolecular SN2 mechanism of alkyl halides.
  19. Discuss the acidic nature of alkynes with examples.
  20. Write a note on halogenations of alkalis.
  21. What are aldols? Explain aldol condensation reaction mechanism for condensation of ethanol.
  22. Write any four chemical methods for preparation of benzene.
  23. Give reactions of benzene with respect to i. Nitration ii. Sulphonation
  24. Give the reaction of phenol with i. HNO3 ii. H2SO4 iii. NaOH iv. Zn v. CH3COCL vi. H2
  25. Write chemical reaction of ethene with the following: i. HCl ii. Br2 iii.O3 iv. HOX
  26. Write four uses of acetaldehyde.
  27. What happens when the following compounds are heated?
  28. Ammonium acetate ii. Calcium acetate
  29. Write formulas of i. Beryl ii. Asbestos ii. Magnetite iv. Haematite v. Formaldehyde vi. Acetaldehyde
  30. What are phosphatic fertilizers? How are they prepared? Mention the role of phosphorus in the growth of plants.
  31. How is Urea manufactured in Pakistan. Describe the detailed process.
  32. Write down the essential qualities of a good fertilizer.

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