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These are 2nd Year Physics Important Questions. These Physics Guess Papers for Class 12 are according to the Punjab Board’s previous exams. Prepare these questions thoroughly to get the best marks in board exams. If you have any queries, please contact us at any time.

2nd Year Physics Important Long Questions

  1. Discuss Coulomb’s law in detail.
  2. Distinguish between the Electric and Gravitational fields.
  3. Explain Gauss’s law and Electric Intensity due to an infinite sheet of charge.
  4. Discuss the charge on an electron using Millikan’s method.
  5. Define and explain resistivity and its dependence on temperature.
  6. Write a note on Kirchhoff’s Rules (first and second).
  7. Explain the Wheatstone Bridge with the help of a diagram.
  8. Discuss the rheostat as a potential divider.
  9. Define and explain Ampere’s Law.
  10. Explain the field due to the current carrying solenoid.
  11. Write a note on force on a moving charge in the magnetic field.
  12. Derive the e/m of an electron.
  13. Explain CRO in detail.
  14. Write a note on Motional Emf.
  15. Discuss Faraday’s law and induced emf.
  16. Write a note on mutual induction.
  17. Explain self-induction.
  18. What is a generator? Explain the AC generator.
  19. Explain energy stored in an inductor.
  20. Write a note on the DC motor.
  21. Explain the transformer in detail.
  22. Write a note on AC through a resistor.
  23. Explain AC through a capacitor.
  24. Discuss AC through an inductor.
  25. Write a note on the R-C and R-L series circuits.
  26. Explain the R-L-C circuit.
  27. Explain the L-C parallel circuit.
  28. What is the Elastic limit and Yield point?
  29. Explain Strain energy.
  30. Write a note on energy band theory
  31. Explain hysteresis loss.
  32. Discus rectification.
  33. Explain the transistor as an amplifier.
  34. Explain the transistor as a switch.
  35. Discuss the OP amplifier as an inverting and non-inverting amplifier.
  36. Discuss OP-Amplifier as comparator and comparator as night switch.
  37. Write a note on the photoelectric effect.
  38. Explain Compton’s effect in detail.
  39. Explain the Gravisson and Germer experiment.
  40. Write a note on the production of X-rays.
  41. Explain population inversion and laser action.
  42. What is laser and write its uses.
  43. Explain mass spectrograph.
  44. Explain mass defect and binding energy.
  45. Write a note on the Geiger Muller counter.
  46. Explain nuclear fission and chain fission reactions.

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