Al-Huda Science Academy has specifically designed Computer Chapter 4 Class 12 Short Questions to help the students for their Punjab Board examination. This chapter is about Data Basics where students can learn about data and its important features.

These questions are important according to board point of view. We have created easy answers to these questions for students. Most of the answers have examples for better understanding. Students can easily get the answers by mailing us at

Computer Chapter 4 Class 12 – Data Integrity and Normalization – Short Questions

  1. What is meant by entity integrity?
  2. What is referential Integrity?
  3. What is redundancy?
  4. What is Normalization?
  5. What is repeating group?
  6. What are database anomalies?
  7. What is Insertion Anomaly?
  8. What is deletion anomaly?
  9. What is modification anomaly?
  10. What is Partial Dependency?
  11. What is transitive dependency?
  12. What is Integrity Constraint?
  13. What is 1st Normal form?
  14. What is 2nd Normal Form?
  15. What is 3rd Normal form?

For students ease, their is option to download the Important Short Questions of Chapter 4 in PDF format.

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Download Computer Important Short Questions of Chapter 4 in PDF

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