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Al-Huda Science Academy is focusing not only on short questions and long questions but also on Biology Chapter 9 MCQs Class 11. Entry Tests required a lot of effort on Multiple Choice Questions that should be of conceptual in nature. The users can participate without login to MCQs test. All MCQs are taken from the past papers of Punjab Boards. Chapter 9 of F.Sc Part 1 Biology is based on Kingdom Plantae.

Biology Chapter 9 includes

  • Classification of plantae
  • Division bryophyta
    • Adaptation to land habitat
    • Classification
  • Division tracheophyta
  • Psilopsida
  • Evolution of leaf
  • Evolution of seed habitat

Biology Chapter 9 MCQs Class 11



#1. The period in which first complete seed plant appeared is:

#2. Vascular plants are:

#3. The biological name of Amaltas is:

#4. The bryophytes are non-vascular plants:

#5. Vascular system is absent in:

#6. The fruit of leguminosae:

#7. In spermatophytes, seed is formed from:

#8. Which one of the following is not extinct:

#9. Amphibious plants belong to group:

#10. Microspores of seed plants that contain microgametophyte including gametes is called:

#11. Heterospory is the production of two types of :

#12. The male gametophyte of angiosperm is:

#13. A haploid spermatozoid (antherozoid) fuses with the haploid egg of oosphere to produce:

#14. In mosses, archegonia and antheridia mixed with sterile hairs are called:

#15. Megaspore with megasporangium develops into:

#16. Fern prothallus is:

#17. Sugar is obtained from the juice of:

#18. Which one belongs to bryopsida:

#19. Which plants are said to amphibian's of plants:

#20. Bryophytes are generally thought to have evolved from:

#21. The simplest of all bryophytes are:

#22. The system of classification which reflects the natural relationship among living arganisms and their mode of origin is:

#23. The sporophyte of bryophytes is:

#24. Which one is an example of non-vascular plants:

#25. Marchantia is an example of:

#26. Flowering plants belong to class:

#27. Mosses are:

#28. Rootless sporophyte is found in:

#29. A haploid spematozoid fuses with haploid egg to produce diploid:

#30. Tracheophyta is further subdivided into:

#31. The plants that have no vascular system, gametophyte dominant, sporophyte attached to gametophytes are known as:

#32. The part of flower which develops into fruit is:

#33. The megasporophylls bearing ovules are not folded and joined at the margins to form an ovary:

#34. In anthoceros's sporophyte at the junction of foot and spore producing region, there is a band of:

#35. The reproductive organ of sporophyte is:

#36. In lycopsids, the arrangement of leaves is:

#37. In which the sporophyte has stomata and chloroplasts in the epidermis and can thus photosynthesize its own food:

#38. Fern gametophyte is found in/on:

#39. Strobilus is the reproductive structure of:

#40. The plant of sphenopsida is also called as:

#41. Small leaves having a single undivided vein are called:

#42. A flower is modified:

#43. Technically a seed may be defined as a fertilized:

#44. The gametophyte of mosses is:

#45. After fertilization which is changed into a seed:

#46. Which of the following is a modified leaf:

#47. Name the class that contain seedless plants:

#48. Female gametophyte in flowering plants is:

#49. The part of flower which develops into fruit is:

#50. Double fertilization is a special process found in:

#51. In flowering pant, ovary wall develops into:

#52. Nectar:

#53. Pollen grain develops from haploid microspores then later develops into sperm bearing:

#54. Ratti is formed from seeds of a plant that belongs to family:

#55. Male reproductive parts of the flower are called:

#56. Vascular plants belonging to subdivision sphenopsida are commonly called:

#57. In spermatophytes, seed is formed from:

#58. The known species of plants are about:

#59. Which of the following were first plants that formed true leaves and roots:

#60. After fertilization ovule is changed into:


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