MCQs of Chapter 5 Chemistry Class 11

MCQs of Chapter 5 Chemistry Class 11

Al-Huda Science Academy is focusing not only on short questions and long questions but also on MCQs of Chapter 5 Chemistry Class 11. Entry Tests required a lot of effort on Multiple Choice Questions that should be of conceptual in nature. The users can participate without login to MCQs test. All MCQs are taken from the past papers of Punjab Boards including Bahawalpur Board, DG Khan Board, Faisalabad Board, Gujranwala Board, Lahore Board, Multan Board, Rawalpindi Board, Sahiwal Board and Sargodha Board. Chapter 5 of F.Sc Part 1 Chemistry is based on Atomic Structure. In this chapter, students will learn about concepts of:

Atomic Laws and Applications.

MCQs of Chapter 5 Chemistry Class 11


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#1. The charge on proton is :

#2. The carbon atom in C2H4 uses following orbitals for making covalent bonds :

#3. Orbitals having same energy are called :

#4. The unit millibar is commonly used by:

#5. The limiting line of Balmer series lies in:

#6. The nature of positive rays depends on :

#7. Splitting of spectal lines when atoms are subject to strong electrical field is called :

#8. The velocity of Photon is

#9. Bohr's model of atom is contradicted by:

#10. When one Beta particle is emitted from the nucleus of an atom its:

#11. Name the electron is given by:

#12. Lyman series lies in spectral region:

#13. The e/m value for the positive rays in maximum for the gas :

#14. Ruther ford model of atom failed because:

#15. Cathode rays strike alumina and produce a colour :

#16. Positive rays were discovered by :


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