Al-Huda Science Academy has specifically designed Computer Chapter 8 Class 12 Short Questions to help the students for their Punjab Board examination. These Punjab boards are Bahawalpur Board, DG Khan Board, Faisalabad Board, Gujranwala Board, Lahore Board, Multan Board, Rawalpindi Board, Sahiwal Board and Sargodha Board. This chapter is about Getting Started with C where students can learn about High Level Language C and its important features.

These questions are important according to board point of view. We have created easy answers to these questions for students. Most of the answers have examples for better understanding. Students can easily get the answers by mailing us at

Computer Chapter 8 Class 12 – Getting Started with C – Short Questions

  1. What is computer program?
  2. What is programming language?
  3. List different types of programming language.
  4. What is high level language?
  5. What is low level language?
  6. What is machine language?
  7. What is assembly language?
  8. What is source program?
  9. What is object program?
  10. What is language translator?
  11. What is compiler?
  12. What is interpreter?
  13. What is assembler?
  14. What is structured programming language?
  15. What is unstructured programming language?
  16. What is preprocessor?
  17. What is preprocessor directive?
  18. What is the work of include directive?
  19. What is the work of define directive?
  20. What is statement terminator?
  21. What are delimiters?
  22. What is main function?
  23. What are bugs and debugging?
  24. What is meant by creating a program?
  25. What is meant by editing a program?
  26. What is meant by compiling a program?
  27. What is meant by linking a program?
  28. What is meant by executing a program?
  29. List name of some high-level language.
  30. What is Turbo C++?
  31. What is necessary step to prepare a C program?
  32. What are header files?
  33. What is C statement?
  34. What are syntax errors?
  35. What are logical errors?
  36. What are runtime errors?
  37. What is ANSI C?
  38. List any four advantages of C language?
  39. What is meant by machine independence?
  40. What is the difference between compiler and interpreter?

For students ease, their is option to download the Important Short Questions of Chapter 8 in PDF format.

Download Computer Important Short Questions of Chapter 8 in PDF

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