Full stop is the most commonly used punctuation mark. There are some methods of using it. Lets understand.

Use of Full Stop Punctuation Mark

a) It is used to stop close a sentence e.g., He met Mr. Omar yesterday.

b) Used to mark the end of a declarative or imperative sentences e.g.,

She delivered the insured package. (Declarative)

Send a reply immediately. (Imperative)

c) Used to mark the end of an indirect question e.g.,

He asked whether the letter had been typed.

d) Used after a request made in the form of a question e.g.,

Will you send a signed copy by return mail.

e) Used after initials and after most abbreviations e.g.,

R.A. Rehman, U.N.O, C.O.A.S.

Note: Full stop is not used with Mr and Mrs. An abbreviation which gives complete information does not require fullstop.

f) Used to separate currency e.g., Rs. 3.6

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