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Make CV (Curriculum Vitae)

CV (Curriculum Vitae) is a description of yourself in written form. You require job and job requires CV. CV should have a readable format that anyone can understand easily.

Follow the following steps to make CV thoroughly with description.

  • Choose a Layout

Adopt such a layout in which all the content easily be handled and understand by the employer. Don’t make the layout of CV in lengthy way but make sections to describe the content one by one.

Also use borders in layout.

  • Use Perfect Font

10 or 12 is said to be a perfect font size using Arial or Times New Roman font. This font is easy to read.

  • Write Objective

First thing is to write the objective. What you’ve that can attract the employer and what’s your attitude about the job is written in objective. Objective is not a full lengthy paragraph but just two or three short sentences that can describe you like a précis (an outline of a text). Be precise in writing the objective.

  • Write Name and Contact Details

Write your full name and contact details so that, the employer if like you for the job, can easily contact to you. Try to write your name at the start of your CV and bold it. Your Email and phone or mobile number is also involved in contact because today Email or mobile are the easy approach to contact someone instead of sending letter at home.

  • Paste a Picture

Today’s CV requires a recent picture of you at any section of CV. Try to make such a CV in which the picture can easily be adjusted and the space of CV not much compromised. A CV may vary in picture according to the company but use a decent picture instead of shaggy styles.

  • Details of Father’s Name, DOB, Marital Status, CNIC and languages

Write full Father’s Name.

Write Date of Birth in full form as 30th November, 1992 but not as 30-11-1992.

Marital Status indicates that if you are Single or Married. If you are unmarried then write Single otherwise married.

Write the C.N.I.C (computerized National Identity Card) Number fully.

What languages you speak and understand, write them one by one. Don’t try to write such languages that you can’t speak fluently. If it’s necessary to write then must write the level of speaking along with language.

  • Qualification Details

Write the qualifications from your matriculation level to recent with your school, college or university name, and passing years or starting to ending years. Write grades if necessary.

  • Details of Experiences

Experience is a practical contact of you about a particular work. Your experience brightens the chances of job and the employer must check the experiences in related fields. Write the duration of internship and job in Experience section. Also write the name of company from where you’ve gotten experience.

  • Details of Professional Training and certifications

Make a section that gives the details of practical work and certifications. There you should write the institutional training and certification details along with the duration.

  • Write Skills or Abilities

Mention your skills in which you’re specialized. If you’re a computer literate person and knows how to install and use Windows then you must have to write ‘Operating System: Windows’ as your skill.

  • Write Extra Curriculum Activity

Have you taken participation in a sports? If yes, then mention your role in sports. For example, opener batsman, forward football player etc.

  • Write Hobbies

Write the tasks that you do mostly in your free time. Hobbies manage your way of living and thinking styles. Must adopt such hobbies that all admire.

  • Write Interests

What fields you’re interested or what works you love to do. Write your interests that you more commonly think to achieve. Write them one by one in list order.

  • References

Reference is mostly required today to get a job and therefore, before searching for a job it is recommended to find a reference first.

Write the reference details means write the name, contact details and the company of the person of refer you to job. Or write the following line “reference will be furnished if needed”.

make cv

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