Al-Huda Science Academy has designed Class 9 MCQs of English Lesson 1 – Saviour of Mankind to test students’ vocabulary.

MCQs of English Lesson 1 – Saviour of Mankind



#1. Arabia is a land of UNPARALLELED charm and beauty.

#2. Arabia is a land of sand DUNES

#3. DAZZLING rays of tropical sun

#4. Dazzling rays of TROPICAL sun

#5. Their ELOQUENCE found impression in poetry.

#6. Before the PROMULGATION of Islam

#7. Arabic language for His final DISPENSATION

#8. Mankind stood at the VERGE of chaos

#9. Mankind stood at the verge of CHAOS

#10. CRUMBLE the chocolate over the cake

#11. She lives mostly in SOLITUDE

#12. Ali spends his holidays in MEDITATION

#13. They have COMPASSION for Aslam

#14. He ERADICATED wrong beliefs

#15. She is an EMBODIMENT for youth

#16. Pakistan system of education needs whole TRANSFORMATION

#17. Theologists are PROSELYTISING their religions

#18. Wrong beliefs should be DEMOLISHED


By Ahsa.Pk

We are sharing meaningful and related notes and all materials for students.

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