Al-Huda Science Academy has designed Physics Chapter 6 Class 9 MCQs for board preparation. Most of the questions are from the previous board papers. These are helping material for all type of students. Must share to your fellows if helpful.

Time allocated to each question is 20 seconds.

Physics Chapter 6 Class 9 MCQs




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#1. The energy stored in a dam is:

#2. There is a hot molten part, deep in the earth is called:

#3. In the direction of motion of the force is perpendicular to the direction of motion of the body, then work done will be:

#4. Stretched bow possess energy:

#5. One horsepower is equal to:

#6. The efficiency percentage of an electric lamp is:

#7. If the velocity of the body becomes double, then its K.E will be:

#8. The work done will be zero when the angle between the force and the distance is:

#9. The unit of energy is:

#10. Formula of potential energy is:

#11. One kilo joule is equal to:

#12. The major source of heat energy is:

#13. Source to produce pollution free electricity is:

#14. What is the unit of work?

#15. Rate of doing work is called:

#16. When a body is lifted through a height h, the work done on it appears in the form of its:

#17. The energy stored in coal is:

#18. One mega joule is equal to:

#19. Power is equal to:

#20. Hammer raised up has energy:

#21. The work done in lifting a brick of mass 2kg through a height of 5m above ground will be:

#22. The types of mechanical energy are:

#23. In E=mc2, ‘c’ represents the speed of:

#24. The work will be maximum when the angle between force and displacement is:

#25. Capability to do work is:

#26. The kinetic energy of a body of mass 2 kg is 25 J. Its speed is:

#27. If the velocity of a body becomes three times greater then kinetic energy will be:

#28. One joule is equal to:

#29. Which one of the following converts light energy into electrical energy?


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