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My First Day at College Short Essay with Quotations

It was a bright day of spring. I with my companions went to the college. We were energized and blissful. On the way, we were informed that a few senior understudies were sitting tight for us at the college door. They needed to make us first-year fools. We started to shake with dread. We tuned pale. Not only that, but we were unable to absolute a word.

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By some coincidence, the leader of the college association came there. We let him know our concerns. He grinned and went with us to the door of the college. He asked different understudies not to prod us. We turned out to be so cheerful.

We came to the jungle gym. The senior understudies additionally arrived there. They started to make us first-year fools. Abruptly, a kid ran in one course. Some young men pursued him. We exploited the circumstance and ran in the other course. Some other young men pursued us. To our misfortune, our way finished at the edge of a field. It was inundated. We were appalled to such an extent that we bounced into it. The senior understudies halted at the edge and started to giggle. We were anyway loose to be away from the grave gamble. How we arrived at our homes is one more story to be told. It is how I went through my first day at college.

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