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Health is wealth essay influences us to be perfect in our choice of life that affects to our future life. We must be selective in our diet, exercise and daily routine of life. Learn this health is wealth essay with quotations.

Health is Wealth Essay with Quotations

It is a great saying that health is great wealth.

To focus on show-off than on health cannot change life meaningfully. To be healthy needs a better understanding of today’s diseases and their causes. Man is busy making money without noticing healthy habits. These are started from our wake up and ends on sleep. According to researchers, people who slept early and woke up early have fewer chances of immune disorders. Their metabolism works well and they have less risk of heart disease.

All happiness depends on a leisurely breakfast.

Healthy breakfast includes eggs, yogurt, cereals, nuts, fruits and protein shakes. Eggs are good to maintain blood sugar and insulin levels. Yogurt is nourishing and helps in weight loss. Cereals are good to maintain blood pressure. Nuts are also considered a great healthy breakfast because they reduce cardio diseases. Fruits and especially seasonal fruits which contain vitamins, potassium and fibers assist to reduce many diseases. Protein shakes also boost the immune system and minimize diseases. Health never means being concerned with exercise only. But a healthy diet is also responsible for maintaining the body properly.

Eat good, Sleep good and health well.

Planning meal timings is a healthy habit. It is no doubt unhealthy to eat junk food and at irregular times. It increases fats, hence heart disorders. Nutritionists prescribe 11 to 14 glasses of water daily to maintain homeostasis in the body. Family dinner is also a healthy habit because it reduces depression and eating disorders. It helps in making better cardiovascular health. It helps kids to learn how to eat and also vocabulary.

Physical fitness is the first requisite of happiness.

Must exercise for healthy and prosperous fitness. Walking for an hour is enough to be healthy. Do stretches to eradicate any type of muscle illness. Many workmen have muscle problems due to sitting the most of their time in the same place. It is recommended by orthopedics to get up from your sitting places and walk into your workplaces after every two hours. This will reduce or even finish any muscular disorder and strengthen the fibers of muscles.

To enjoy the glow of good health, you must exercise.

Health is a state of functional efficiency of body, spirit and mind. Man feels mentally ill due to daily routines, the burden of work and anxiety about household problems. He needs a comfort zone to relax his mind. For this, anxiety pills are used that disturb the normal function of the body. To enjoy health, one must use methods to reduce stress levels like reducing caffeine intake, spending time with family and discussing household issues and breathing in fresh air to feel calm. There are many therapies used to relax the mind and boast it with the best of health.

A sound mind lives in sound body.

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