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Co-education essay reveals the importance of education for males and also for females. Education for both is necessary, but the fact is how to manage them in a perfect way. This can easily be done first by training.

Coeducation Essay with Quotations

Our beloved prophet Muhammad (Peace be Upon Him) said,

“Acquiring of knowledge is essential both for men and women.”

Education plays an important part in molding and erecting the character of an existent. It provides him a better understanding of the person and his terrain. The development of personality doesn’t concern men only. It’s also necessary for women, who compose an inversely important portion of mortal society. The need for womanish education, thus, can in no way be denied.

Education’s purpose is to replace an empty mind with an open one.

In our society, certain conventions and taboos hamper progress in this field. A good chance of our millions who themselves are illiterate believes that education makes women free and fashionable. It spoils their moral values, and they remain no more domestic women but society girls. They have a wrong notion that educated women come rude, discourteous, profligate, and hence ungovernable. Besides this, they hold that the motive behind womanish education is to come resemblance to men by getting jobs in colourful fields.

 Entering into service, if domestic affairs don’t suffer, isn’t as in. In advanced countries, women are participating their liabilities by taking an equal part with men in different fields of life. Also, there’s no sense in keeping half the population idle. They must play their part to make their country strong. It’s the duty of every Pakistani man and woman to get relieved of the unwarranted conventions and vulgarize the idea of womanish education. The millions should be induced that education broadens the vision of women folk and raises them above the petty differences so common in their coitus.

You educate a man; you educate a man. You educate a woman; you educate a generation.

 Education not only helps women to look after their own characters, but also guides them in Their family affairs. The significance of education for women can in no way be denied. If you educate a man means you have educated an individual, but if you educate a woman means you have educated the whole family. She’s responsible for rearing up the youngish generation. Educated women only can inoculate good ideas in the mind of their children and can make them responsible citizens.

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