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A rainy day is a special gift to readers

A rainy day is often in the monsoon season. Due to heavy rain, children enjoy the day or sometimes days of holiday which is sudden and unexpected. They bathe in rain and splash water at each other. They play games in the gathered water of rain. A rainy day is a symbol of new life. Poets have described these days in an aesthetic manner. They appreciate rainy days in figurative language, which increases the joy of monsoon season. After long summers and hot days, these days are a blessing because dark clouds shower water droplets over the earth. This makes the climate pleasant – neither too cold nor too hot.

A Rainy Day Essay for Class 10 and 12

Beauty is truth, truth beauty.

The monsoon day increases the yield and is good for irrigation. The natural water bodies of the earth also fill up due to rainwater. The soil gets its nutrients for better cropping. The lush greenery around us feels fresh. Rivers and canals get swelled up with life. The farmers are thankful to Allah Almighty for the nourishment of crops. When the water bodies on earth fill up, then the animals with no water can also use this water for drinking. Nature fulfills its thirst in its own way, which enhances our faith in God.

The amphibians and also reptilians come out of their bills because they fill up with water. The snakes, frogs, and other hide animals come out of their hiding. They bring their young ones out to enjoy the weather, to save lives, and to learn the danger out. The insects live mostly in a dormant state, they come out after the rainy season for better and perfect development.

God has gifted us life and His blessings.

Adults also enjoy rainy days by getting together parties. They usually enjoy the season while taking tea or coffee, standing on the terrace to watch the rain. Nowadays, this season is enjoyed by taking pictures and selfies and uploading them on the internet. They show themselves to their belongings in status and wait for their responses. In Asia, spicy foods began to cook and people love to eat Pakora, Samosa, and other spicy foods.

Admit it, every one of us has done this at least once.

People having mud houses are in great trouble because their houses may destroy due to heavy rain. Where others enjoy the weather, they run to save their lives from destruction. Many incidents we watch on television are where people gave away their lives due to floods. Governments should take radical steps to save such areas from floods and other troubles.

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