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COLLEGE LIFE Essay with Quotations

College life is a life of freedom. The word “college” is awful and fascinating to a young schoolboy. It gives him pleasurable moments of wishful thinking. It fills his mind with beautiful images, expedients and ideas. He dreams of the day when he’ll join a council and live a free, affable life. He knows that going to council will be the sign of his independence and maturity. The parents now stop treating him like a baby. These all expedients of a schoolboy aren’t bare visions.

Everyone says college is the time of your life.

The veritably first thing a boy feels on entering a college is a sense of great relief from the pressure of academy. There, he was treated as a child who must be forced into doing effects which were considered good for him. The atmosphere of the college is the veritably air of freedom and bliss, and he can breathe according to his will. He assumes that he has missed his fears and cares behind him. He’s enraptured. His professors talk to him as they would to a youthful friend. He likes it and feels that, at last, he’s important and has a part to play.

The sense of freedom and significance does him good, but more pleasures of council are ahead. As he gets used to his liberty, he finds himself in the center of an intriguing, intellectual atmosphere that has its own pleasures. He may not have anticipated this. At first, he’s a shy and reticent onlooker. But gradationally he gets bold and discovers new pleasures.

There is a time and place for everything, that is college.

Still, he’ll rue latterly, if he remains frosty and ignores all the conditioning of council. College life makes him bold enough to face tough situations. Indeed, whoops, razzes, clangs of horselaugh and deriding reflections don’t dampen one “spirit when one is youthful and confident”.

Confidence is preparation. Everything else is beyond our control.

 Also there are the pleasures of the sports field. There are other conditioning and other pleasures, too. There’s a council library for case. The scholars find books other than the specified handbooks for the first time in life. A pupil has access to all of them. He discovers that pleasures of reading are numerous. He enjoys the company of great pens. This broadens his sundries and outlook. However, these relaxations are only for those who look for them, and want to live an energetic life. There’s a considerable difference between the academy life and that of council life. College life contains an equal occasion for making or spoiling one’s life. The freedom that’s present at council position shouldn’t be misused. It’s an occasion that enables a pupil to learn in his own way. thus, a council pupil should try to take full advantage of the positive openings which council life offers.

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