NLE exam 2022 has been launched by Pakistan Medical Commission for foreigners but also for Pakistani students after MBBS for further practice.

NLE Exam Pattern

National Licensing Exam includes two components.

  • MCQs – From Theory
  • Clinical Assessment – Clinical Skilled Examination (CSE)

MCQs test will be taken first and later during the clinical assessment.

Separate Medical and Dental exams will be taken from their respective syllabus.

NLE Exam Eligibility

  • 70% marks required in both theory and clinical skilled examination
  • All candidates must be graduated from PMC recognized medical college
  • NLE theory will be valid for 5 years and the candidates must need to clear the clinical skilled examination within 5 years.
  • Otherwise, the whole test will be given again

NLE Exam Syllabus

NLE Exam Weightage

Weightage of Applied Basic Sciences of NLE 2021

Applied Basic Sciences (30% Weightage)Number of MCQ’s
Applied Pathology16
Applied Anatomy12
Applied Physiology10
Clinical Pharmacology8
Applied Bio Chemistry6
Community Medicine6
Forensic Medicine & Toxicology2

Weightage of Clinical Sciences of NLE 2021

Clinical Sciences Weightage 70%Number of MCQs
Medicine and Allied52
Surgery and Allied48
Obstetrics and Gynaecology14
Ophthalmology (Eye)6
Otorhinolaryngology (ENT)6

Distribution of Stations in CSE of NLE Exam

DisciplineNumber of Stations
Medicine and Allied7
Surgery and Allied7
Obstetrics and Gynaecology2
Ophthalmology (Eye)1
Otorhinolaryngology (ENT)1

3 out of 20 are mandatory that candidates must pass.

NLE Exam 2022 Dates

NLE Exams 2022 till Jan 2023 will be conducted on the following dates. (updated)

NLE Step 2 (Medical CSE)
NLE Step 2 (Dental CSE)
19th July 2022
28th July 2022
NEB-2 (Medical-5th standard &
Dental- 4th Standard only) (CSE)
27th-28th July 2022
NLE Step 1 (Medical & Dental)1st to 4th September 2022
NLE Step 2 (Medical CSE)11th to 20th October 2022
NLE Step 2 (Dental CSE)25th to 27th October 2022
NLE Step 1 (Medical & Dental)1st to 5th December 2022
NEB-1(Medical & Dental)1st to 5th December 2022
NEB-2 (Medical-5th standard &
Dental- 4th Standard only)(CSE)
21st December 2022
NLE Step 2 (Medical CSE)17th to 27th January 2023
NLE Step 2 (Dental CSE)31st January 2023

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