Al-Huda Science Academy has designed Physics Chapter 4 Class 9 MCQs for board preparation. Most of the questions are from the previous board papers. These are helping material for all type of students. Must share to your fellows if helpful.

Time allocated to each question is 30 seconds.

Physics Chapter 4 Class 9 MCQs




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#1. When centre of gravity is at the highest position, body will be in:

#2. The value of sin90 is:

#3. The net torque acting on a rotating body with uniform speed is:

#4. The formula of torque is:

#5. The forces that are parallel to each other and have same direction are:

#6. A body is in equilibrium when its:

#7. sin30° = _____.

#8. The symbol of sigma is:

#9. cosθ = _____.

#10. The number of forces that can be added by head to tail rule are:

#11. The moment arm is represented by a sign:

#12. A couple is formed by:

#13. If force is 200N and legth of spanner is 0.15m then torque will be:

#14. Second condition of equilibrium is:

#15. According to second condition of equilibrium must be zero:

#16. Two equal but unlike parallel forces having different line of action produce:

#17. A force of 10N is making an angle of 30° with the horizontal. Its horizontal component will be:

#18. cos90 = ______.

#19. Turning effect of a force is:

#20. cos60° = _____.

#21. The centre of gravity of a sphere is:

#22. Torque depends on:

#23. The centre of gravityof an irregular shaped body can be found with the help of:

#24. Racing cars are made stable by:

#25. The direction of force with x-axis is given by:

#26. sin45° = _____.

#27. sin60° = _____.

#28. Complete equation Fy/Fx = ________

#29. cos30° = _____.

#30. In a right triangle, length of base is 4 cm and perpendicular is 3cm. Its tanθ is equal to:

#31. The value of tan45° is ________.

#32. The centre of gravity of a triangle is:

#33. S.I. unit of torque is:

#34. The centre of gravity of uniform ______ is the point of intersection of its diagonals.

#35. The states of equilibrium are:

#36. First condition of equilibrium is:

#37. A force of 10N is making an angle of 60° with x-axis then its horizontal component will be:

#38. sinθ = _____.

#39. The direction of resultant vector can be found by:

#40. If Fy=4N, Fx=3N, what is magnitude of resultant force?

#41. Number of factors on which torque depends:

#42. The number of perpendicular components of a vector are:

#43. A body is in neutral equilibrium when its centre of gravity:


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