Physics Chapter 9 Class 9 MCQs Online Test

Al-Huda Science Academy has designed Physics Chapter 9 Class 9 MCQs for board preparation. Most of the questions are from the previous board papers. These are helping material for all type of students. Must share to your fellows if helpful.

Time allocated to each question is 20 seconds.

Physics Chapter 9 Class 9 MCQs


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#1. Which colour is a good absorber?

#2. Rate of flow of heat through conductor is inversely proportional to its:

#3. _____ is a good radiator of heat.

#4. Which of the following is a good radiator of heat?

#5. Land breeze blows from

#6. In solids, heat is transferred by:

#7. The surfaces of Leslie’s cube are:

#8. Unit of rate of thermal energy is:

#9. Warms clothes for winter season are:

#10. The example of bad conductor is:

#11. What happens to the thermal conductivity of a wall if its thickness is doubled?

#12. Thermal conductivity of ice is:

#13. Which surface is bad emitter?

#14. Global warming is due to a gas:

#15. In gases, heat is transferred by:

#16. Thermal conductivity of water is:

#17. Rooms are heated using gas heaters by:

#18. The unit of thermal conductivity is:

#19. Land breeze and sea breeze are the result of:

#20. The thermal conductivity of copper in watt per meter per kelvin is:

#21. Thermal conductivity of brick is:

#22. Radiation is the mode of transfer of heat from one place to another in the form of waves called:

#23. In liquids, heat is mainly transferred by:

#24. The thermal conductivity of dry air is _____ W/mK.

#25. The rate of flow of heat is:

#26. Which of the following birds are expert thermal climbers?

#27. False ceiling is done to:

#28. The unit of rate of conduction of thermal energy is:

#29. Convection of heat is the process of heat transfer due to the:

#30. Metals are good good conductors of heat due to:

#31. The glider remains in air due to:

#32. Worst absorber of heat is:

#33. The thermal conductivity of dry air is _____ W/mK.

#34. Poor conductor of heat is:


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