Punctuation exercises are given below, solve them carefully and write your answers in the form. Our team will check your answers and assist you with the right answers.

Note: If you have not learned the Punctuation Rules then learn them first.

Punctuation Exercises for Self Test

  1. why are you still lying in bed said the mother
  2. when he came to barbers shop he said to him sit here is a load of wood do you want to buy
  3. your majesty said he if i tell you the truth will you promise not to punish me
  4. friends romans countrymen lend me your cats
  5. it was you Esha who did this
  6. who he was or why he same or whether he will come at all or whether he is even alive
  7. he exclaimed for heavens sake come back
  8. where the thief is hiding himself we do not know
  9. shakespeare says the brave never taste of death but once
  10. go then said the fly and dance away the winter
  11. the cats said to the monkey please settle our dispute we have failed to divide the cake equally among

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