This pairing scheme of Class 11 2024 facilitates the students to prepare for their examination of Punjab Boards. This post includes:

Pairing Scheme of Bahawalpur Board

Pairing Scheme of DG Khan Board

Pairing Scheme of Faisalabad Board

Pairing Scheme of Gujranwala Board

Pairing Scheme of Lahore Board

Pairing Scheme of Multan Board

Pairing Scheme of Rawalpindi Board

Pairing Scheme of Sahiwal Board

Pairing Scheme of Sargodha Board

Pairing Scheme of Class 11 2024

1st Year Scheme Math
1st Year Scheme Physics
1st Year Scheme Biology
1st Year Scheme Computer
1st Year Scheme Chemistry

The pairing scheme is helpful for the preparation for the board examination. 1st Year Pairing Scheme 2024 is made for the teachers who are responsible for managing papers. They use the pairing of the 11th class 2024 for setting board examination papers. The paper scheme of the 1st year 2024 is according to the syllabus of the Punjab textbook board.

1st Year Paper Scheme 2024

Students are mostly worried to manage a lot of syllabi in a few months which is about 9. However, a few of them studied the whole time sincerely and are ready for papers but most of the students wait for the last two months in order to prepare for their examination. This pairing scheme 2024 1st year assists those students to prepare up to 60 percent of their syllabus in little time.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is 1st year pairing scheme helpful?

The pairing scheme is so made to assist the teachers to prepare the papers for the board examination and meanwhile, this scheme of Class 11 2024 helps the students to prepare selectively which chapters and what not.

What is a pairing scheme?

The pairing scheme is a successful way to understand the weightage of the chapters for preparing for the board examination.

How pairing scheme relate to the board examination?

IBCC (Inter Board Committee of Chairmen) delivers a method for teachers to prepare board examination papers. This pairing then helps the students to prepare thoroughly.

Guess Papers for Class 11

english subject
biology subject
physics subject
computer subject
math subject
chemistry subject

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