The University of Bolton, a prestigious UK institution renowned for its top 40 ranking and No.1 student satisfaction in the North West by The Guardian, is making an impactful move by introducing UOB Islamabad. This groundbreaking initiative is set to revolutionize higher education in Pakistan, offering local students access to high-quality UK education without leaving their country and the option to study in the UK campus if desired.

UOB Islamabad is the first foreign university approved by Pakistan’s Higher Education Commission (HEC) to operate autonomously. It is distinguished by obtaining the first HEC Type II university license in Pakistan, allowing students to experience genuine UK academics locally. The campus spread across 180 kanals, promises a complete UK student experience.

The concept eliminates the need for affiliations, external degrees, or local alternatives. UOB Islamabad brings the University of Bolton’s curriculum, teaching practices, and examinations to Pakistan, ensuring a comparable educational experience to studying in the UK. A unique aspect of UOB Islamabad is its flexibility, enabling students to seamlessly transfer their academic journey to the UK while choosing the extent of their studies in Pakistan or England. This cross-border exposure fosters cross-cultural understanding.

Offering state-of-the-art courses in Computing, Fashion, Business, and Law, UOB Islamabad has gained validation from leading employers in Pakistan, with strong backing from local companies in respective industries. This endorsement ensures graduates are well-prepared for competitive job markets, offering internships and placement year opportunities.

The launch of UOB Islamabad is a historic milestone in Pakistani education as the country’s first Type II University, bridging the gap between UK-standard education and local accessibility. UOB Islamabad symbolises excellence, connecting nations and nurturing student potential.

Admissions for UOB Islamabad’s September 2023 intake will soon be open, allowing interested students to register for priority notifications on limited spaces. This initiative paves the way for unlocking the possibilities of UK education within Pakistan’s borders.
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