Al-Huda Science Academy has specifically designed Biology Chapter 16 Class 12 Short Questions to help the students for their Punjab Board examination.

These questions are important according to board point of view. All questions are given with page numbers for easy approach of students. The answers to the questions have not been uploaded but we are trying our best to facilitate the students with best possible answers that can help them well in papers.

Biology Chapter 16 Class 12 Short Questions

  1. Define Turgor Pressure. Page 23
  2. What is Bundle Cap? Page 23
  3. How does turgor pressure is generated in vacuole of plant cell? Page 24
  4. Differentiate between Scleroid and Vessel. Page 25
  5. Differentiate between Sap wood and Heart wood. Page 25
  6. What is callus? Page 26
  7. Differentiate between Epinasty and Hyponasty. Page 27, 28
  8. What is Nutation? Page 28
  9. What do you mean by Haptonastic movement? Page 28
  10. Write down the adaptations in exoskeleton of arthropods. Page 30
  11. Define Ecdysis or Moulling. Page 30
  12. Give some major functions of skeleton in man. Page 30
  13. What are three types of cells associated with bone? Page 31
  14. What are chondrocytes? Page 31
  15. Differentiate between hyaline and elastic cartilage. Page 31
  16. Name Cranial and Facial bones. Page 31, 32
  17. What are floating ribs? Page 32
  18. What are synovial joints? Page 35
  19. What is Cleft Palate? Page 35
  20. What is microcephaly? Page 35
  21. What is Estrogen Replacement Therapy? Page 35
  22. What is Rickets? Page 36
  23. What is Hemiation? Page 36
  24. What do you know about Sciatca? Page 36
  25. State Sliding Filament Model. Page 40
  26. What is Rigor Mortis? Page 40
  27. What is Sarcoplasmic Reticulum? Page 41
  28. What is All or None Response? Page 41
  29. Differentiate between Tetany and Tetanus. Page 42
  30. Write a short note on Levered Movement. Page 43
  31. What are Myonemes? Page 43
  32. Differentiate between Effective and Recovery stroke. Page 44
  33. What is Jet propulsion? Page 45
  34. What are adaptations in fishes for swimming? Page 46
  35. What is Bi-pedal locomotion? Page 47
  36. Differentiate between Passive and Active Flight? Page 47
  37. What is Formen Triosseum? Page 49

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Download Biology Important Short Questions of Chapter 16 in PDF

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