Al-Huda Science Academy has specifically designed Biology Chapter 25 Class 12 Short Questions to help the students for their Punjab Board examination.

These questions are important according to board point of view. All questions are given with page numbers for easy approach of students. The answers to the questions have not been uploaded but we are trying our best to facilitate the students with best possible answers that can help them well in papers.

Biology Chapter 25 Class 12 Short Questions

  1. Define Ecology. Page 236
  2. What are Biomes. Page 237
  3. What is Planetary Ecosystem. Page 237
  4. Define Biosphere. Page 237
  5. What is Habitat. Page 237
  6. Define Niche. Page 237
  7. Differentiate between Autecology and Synecology. Page 238
  8. What are Producers. Page 239
  9. What are Consumers. Page 239
  10. What are Decomposers. Page 239
  11.  Define Food Chain. Page 239
  12. What is Food Web. Page 240
  13. How does food web helps to maintain the stability of ecosystem. Page 240
  14. Define Ecosystem. Page 240
  15. Succession is a kind of community relay. Explain? Page 241
  16. What is Climax Community. Page 241
  17. Differentiate between Primary and Secondary Succession. Page 241
  18. What is Hydro-sere and Xero-sere. Page 241
  19. What are Infestations. Page 242,243
  20. What are Lichens. Page 244
  21. What is Commensalism. Page 244
  22. How moderate grazing is advantageous. Page 244
  23. What are Biogenic Elements. Page 244
  24. Differentiate between Micronutrients and Macronutrients. Page 244
  25. Give causes of Nitrogen depletion in soil. Page 246
  26. What is gross primary production and Net primary production. Page 246

For students ease, there is option to download the Important Short Question of Chapter 25 in PDF format.

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Download Biology Important Short Questions of Chapter 25 in PDF

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