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Al-Huda Science Academy has designed a special series of Demography Test Preparation for Govt Job. You can learn the update demography of Pakistan including important concepts. These questions are helpful in getting general knowledge related to statistics such as births, deaths, income, or the incidence of disease, which illustrate the changing structure of human populations in Pakistan.

Demography Test Preparation MCQs



#1. The 1998 Census showed a greater trend towards:

#2. The overall sex-ratio is ______ which was 110.6% in 1981.

#3. The rural share of population has fallen from 71.7% to:

#4. The NWFP growth rate has declined from 3.32% to:

#5. According to the 1998 Census, almost 43% of the country’s population is below:

#6. Sindh is the most urbanized province 48.9%, followed by Punjab ______.

#7. Infant mortality rate in Pakistan is:

#8. The legal age for male marriage in Pakistan is:

#9. In Pakistan, first population census was conducted in:

#10. The sex ratio i.e. males per 100 females is:

#11. Punjabi is the mother tongue of _____ people.

#12. What percentage of our population is divorced?

#13. Pushto is the mother tongue of _____ people.

#14. In the 1998 Census, the proportion of population declined marginally in Punjab from 56.1% to:

#15. Our national language Urdu is the mother tongue of ___ people.


Prepare Demography MCQs Preparation

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