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Al-Huda Science Academy has designed a special series of Geography Test Preparation for Govt Job. You can learn the update geography of the world including important concepts. These questions are helpful in getting general knowledge related to important places.

Geography Test Preparation MCQs



#1. After Australia, which of the following is the smallest Continent?

#2. ‘Red sea’ is between:

#3. Which of the following is the smallest sea?

#4. Which of the following Country is a ‘Peninsula?

#5. What is “Big Ben”?

#6. ‘Wall Street’ in New York is famous for:

#7. What is “Green peace”?

#8. SAARC Human Resource Development Centre is located at:

#9. “Dead Sea” is lying between:

#10. Which Country’s land is below the sea level?

#11. Biological weathering occurs in the ways EXCEPT.

#12. World’s largest Delta is:

#13. Maximum quantity of diamonds are found in:

#14. ‘Sea of Japan’ is famous for:

#15. Which of the following river is located in Iraq?


Prepare Geography MCQs Preparation

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