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Al-Huda Science Academy has designed a special series of Water Resources Test Preparation for Govt Job. You can learn the update water resources of Pakistan including important concepts. These questions are helpful in getting general knowledge related to important water bodies in Pakistan.

Water Resources Test Preparation MCQs



#1. Ravi River originate in the Indian state of:

#2. The world's twelfth largest earthfill dam is:

#3. What is the purpose of Hub Dam?

#4. Gomal Zam Dam is being constructed on river:

#5. On Jhelum River, the Rasul headworks was built in:

#6. The National Drainage Programme (NDP) was launched in:

#7. Islam Barrage is on:

#8. The preliminary feasibility study of Kalabagh dam was completed in:

#9. The hydropower capacity of Tarbela dam is:

#10. The Indus and its five main tributaries all combine into one river near:

#11. The current estimated irrigation efficiency in Pakistan is just:

#12. The maximum discharge of water in Jhelum River under normal climatic conditions is around:

#13. The total storage capacity of different water reservoirs in Pakistan is around:

#14. Baran Dam in Pakistan was built in 1962 on river:

#15. The purpose of Rawal Dam is:


Prepare Water Resources MCQs Preparation

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