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Future Perfect Continuous Tense which is often called as Future Perfect Progressive Tense. First form of verb with ‘ing’ means present participle is used with Singular & Plural Subjects. Singular Subjects are he, she, it and single name. Plural Subjects are I, We, They, You and many things.

Past Perfect Continuous Tense

Helping Verbs and form of verb

Helping verbsForm of Verb
Will have + been 1st form of verb (with ing used for all Subjects)

Identification & Formation

Affirmative Sentences (positive)

SubjectHelping VerbBeenVerbObjectSince/ForEvent
Shewill havebeenhelpingAyeshasince2015
Theywill havebeenreadingbookfortwo hours
Iwill havebeenplayingvolley ballfor30 minutes

Negative Sentences (negative)

SubjectHelping Verbnot beenVerbObjectSince/ForEvent
Shewill havenot beenhelpingAyeshasince2015
Theywill havenot beenreadingbookfortwo hours
Iwill havenot beenplayingvolley ballfor30 minutes

Interrogative Sentences (question)

Helping verbSubjectHave BeenVerbObjectSince/ForEventPunctuation Mark
Willyouhave beenhelpingAyeshasince2015?
Hashehave beenreadingbookfortwo hours?
HaveIhave beenplayingvolley ballfor30 minutes?

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#1. The helping verbs of Future Perfect Continuous Tense are:


#2. Subject + will have, shall have +______ + Present Participle + Object + since/for + Event


#3. He will have been taking bath ______ morning.


#4. She will have been living in Ireland ______ ten years at that point.


#5. ______ will have been studying at this glorious university for three years.


#6. ______ he have been riding a horse for two years?


#7. By 2004 I will have been living in Moscow for ______.


#8. By our 10th wedding anniversary, this plant ______ have been growing for 5 years.


#9. The structure of Future Perfect Continuous Tense is:


#10. Many students ______ have been participating in sports for three years.

Future Perfect Continuous

Note: Future Perfect Continuous Sentence must have have been” included in all type of sentences.

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