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The Power of Public Opinion Essay with Outlines

Outlines of the Power of Public Opinion Essay

  1. Introduction
  2. Public Opinion is important issue
  3. Types of public opinion
  4. Expressive platforms for public opinion
  5. Voice of people

Moment people are governed by opinions. The power of opinion manifests itself not only in politics but in nearly all the spheres of mortal conditioning and studies. It reins to our religious faiths, our social practices as well as our ethical outlook. People now want to manage their own suits of life by expressing their voice. So loud and patient is the demand of people that correctly or incorrectly all countries now claim to be grounded on the opinion of the governed.

The most indigenous governments and despotic autocrats swear likewise by the name of the people to justify their conduct. What also is public opinion? Public opinion is the opinion believed by the people in usual on any important matter. People aren’t made in the same earth, like a lot of bricks. It would have been unfortunate if it had been so.

Power rules the world but public opinion uses this power.

Accordingly, indeed in the same country, men differ in disposition and mores, and opinions. Their sentiments, points and objects, allowing, all differ. It’s necessary for us, thus, to cultivate a generous spirit of forbearance and forbearance towards those who may suppose and act else from ourselves.

Public opinion must be grounded on reason and must aim at the good of the community on the whole. It cannot be called public opinion unless it’s mainly participated by the dominant portion of the community. This doesn’t mean that all people must suppose likewise and in the same way. All that’s signified is that on essential points they must be in agreement, however on unnecessary matters they may differ.

Public opinion may be unresisting and false, or active and real. It’s claimed in proposition that all governments are eventually grounded on the opinion or permission of the governed. But we find that, in practice, the people’s rights are frequently trodden down and despotism and oppression are allowed to continue. The government succeeds in being tyrannical, not because the people want it to be so but because they’re too idle, too uninstructed, and too divided or skittish to oppose the government. Similar public opinion is unresisting and false, and not an active verdict. But when we find people alert, intelligent and determined to let the government know their will, when they want to laboriously exercise their voice in the operation of their country, we’ve a case of true or active public opinion.

Public opinion rather deserves to be called public feelings.

True public opinion is expressed through the press, the platform of political parties, educational institutions and now-a-days, through social media platforms. These institutions have sacred duties to achieve critical morality of the entire community. Hence, they should completely realize their liabilities. The press moment wields a tremendous influence. So it should support the right cause and movements and condemn the wrong bones and therefore educate people to form correct opinions. The people should have access to accurate and unprejudiced information. The millions get disabused and feel frustrated when the government adopts important programs without bringing them to the aspect of the public. An impartial press expresses the grievances of the public. Therefore, a healthy relationship develops between the people and the government through an unprejudiced press. The service which is done on a large scale by the social media platforms has developed more expressive attitude towards people. Political parties also help to produce and regulate opinions. An inversely important part is played by the educational institutions which train the minds of the youthful people who’ll be the citizens of hereafter. It has been said that ultramodern Germany and China have been made by their universities.

The field for the exercise of public opinion is veritably wide. still, its power is most felt in social and political spheres. It has assumed great strength. The voice of the people is assumed to be the voice of God. It’s the inexorable voice of fortune that has now made itself felt far and wide. It is people’s choices that appoint the government through free and fair elections and can dismiss the government at the polls. The government is checking every portion of election through regulations. But with the gradational awakening of the millions, it’s assuming an unbelievable proportion and energy.

Public opinion alone can keep a society pure and healthy.

Still, the force of public opinion has not yet been completely formed in our country, far from being an ideal popular government in which all men enjoy equal rights and boons, but rather, the state that exists for all is yet to be completely realized then. It’s necessary that the youthful and the growing minds should imbibe the spirit of fellow-feeling, the spirit of forbearance, the habit of concession, and show due regard for the passions and opinions of others, without which a popular society cannot serve, let alone succeed. When there’s the true awakening of the people, we shall have the real and conscious public opinion. And justice will control on earth and truly will the voice of the people be the voice of God.

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