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PUBG Mobile Game Addiction Essay

PUBG is abbreviated as PlayerUnknown’s Battleground. It is the most famous and addictive game of all time. Mainly, it is a battle royale game that is played by multiple users at the same time. Billions of people around the world are playing it without noticing its healthy and unhealthy factors which are applied directly or indirectly to their body’s health. The virality of the game does not mean it is good to play. The players have come addicted to this game, and are slowing down their quality of life.

Addiction is a serious disease; it will end with jail, mental institutions, or death.

When the game was released for Windows, it entered rave reviews. Further, upon being released on mobile phones, it caught like a campfire. The trend for this game spread like fire to almost all age groups.

The game was started for entertainment purposes, which is now a type of addiction. It’s oppressively impacting the lives of the players and also performing colorful crimes. For case, a boy killed himself due to PUBG mobile game dependence. Similarly, a man killed all his family members with a gun as he played in-game.

The game is greatly affecting the education sector and students who played this addictive game mostly got failed in exams. The scholars who should be studying waste their time on this game. The consequences are poor attention towards studies that lead to failure of students in their practical life and future. The focus just lowers because of mobile game addiction and the capability of academic performance is largely dropping day by day.

Addiction is an adaptation. It’s not you-it’s the cage you live in.

Many job holders are also seen to be playing games during their working hours. It hampers their work and makes them lose the target of their pretensions. They’re busy playing PUBG rather than aiming for their careers. Indeed, most of them are leaving as well as skipping their important meetings just to play this battlefield game. Due to this, they also miss their deadlines and are unable to fulfill their duties.

In addition, PUBG mobile game addiction ruins the links of people. It has indeed done so, as there have been cases of separations and divorces due to this game. People spend most of their time to game instead of with their family and relatives. It creates worries about their connections and causes anxiety.

To rely on a single resource is not a good idea and if the resource is unhealthy and may create some serious mental and health issues then its excess may damage things not sudden but slowly like termites. To begin with, try to lessen the time you spend on the game. Manage your all-day time to different tasks that may help you to get the comfort of mind.

Try to divert your mind. Don’t always stay outdoors. Go out and indulge in physical activities. When you’ll have other effects to do, your mind won’t go toward the game. Try to spend time with your family rather than scrolling through the phone or playing your game. So, use your time precisely rather than playing PUBG.

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