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Physics 1st Year Chapter 1 MCQs

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Physics 1st Year Chapter 1 Measurements

The branch of physics which deals with the ultimate particles of which the matter is composed is:
The branch of physics which deals with atomic nuclei is called
Silicon is abundantly obtained from:
The number of base units are:
Which of the following is a derived quantity:
Which of the following is SI base unit?
Which one of the following is not a unit of length:
Which is not a base unit in SI units?
An example of derived unit is:
Candela is the SI unit of
An alternate unit to kgms–1 is:
The SI units of pressure in terms of base units are:
The SI unit of plane angle is:
Steradian is the angel which lies in:
The SI unit of the solid angle is:
The solid angle subtended at the center of sphere by an area of its surface equal to the square of radius of the sphere is called:
SI unit of pressure is:
Which is a derived unit:
The unit of force is ____ and its symbol is ____ which is the correct pair?
Which one is the correct representation of the unit of pressure?
Which of the following is least multiple:
Which one is the highest power multiple?
The prefix pico is equal to:
The SI unit of intensity of light is:
0.0023 can be expressed in scientific notation as:
1024 can be written in scientific notation as:
Error occurs due to negligence and inexperience of a person is:
Error in measurement may occur due to:
In any measurement the significant figures are:
Number of significant figures in 0.0173 are:
A student added three figures 72.1, 3.32 and 0.003. The correct answer regarding the rules of the addition of the significant figures will be:
If the reading is taken with measuring scale whose minimum division is 1mm, then the correct reading is:
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Physics 1st Year Chapter 1 Measurements
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