Physics 1st Year Chapter 6

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Physics 1st Year Chapter 6 MCQs

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Physics 1st Year Chapter 6 Fluid Dynamics

The study of properties of fluids in motion is called:
The dimensions of coefficient of viscosity are:
πœ‚ Is denoted for coefficient of:
The SI unit of coefficient of viscosity is:
An object moving through a fluid experience a retarding force called:
The maximum constant velocity of an object falling vertically downward is called:
The drag force increases as the speed of the object:
The equation 𝐹 = 6πœ‹πœ‚π‘Ÿπ‘£ is called:
Stokes' law is applicable if body has ____ shape.
The drag force F on a sphere of radius r moving slowly with speed v through a fluid of viscosity πœ‚ is:
Drag force is given by:
When weight of an object falling freely becomes equal to the drag force, then the body will move with:
When the body reaches its terminal velocity, the acceleration of the body becomes:
As the water falls from tap, its speed increases and cross-sectional area:
Terminal velocity is given by equation:
If radius of droplet becomes half then its terminal velocity will be:
Turbulent flow is:
The flow of ideal fluid is always:
Irregular flow of fluid is called:
According to equation of continuity, A1V1 = A2V2 = constant. The constant is equal to:
Equation of continuity is obtained by applying law of conservation of:
If cross-sectional area of pipe decreases, the speed of fluid must increase according to:
In equation of continuity, the units of Av is given as:
The law of conservation of mass gives:
Bernoulli’s theorem applies to:
Velocity of fluid increases where the pressure is:
Speed of efflux can be determined by applying:
Venturi meter is a device used to measure:
A man standing near a fast-moving train may fall
Bernoulli’s equation is obtained by applying law of conservation of:
Ideal fluid is:
Velocity of efflux is measured by relation:
The mathematical relation 𝑣 = √2𝑔 (β„Ž2 βˆ’ β„Ž1) is known as:
Swing is produced to:
The blood pressure in the vessels is always:
Instrument used to measure blood pressure is called:
One Torr is expressed in π‘π‘š^βˆ’2 as:
Blood has density equal to that of:
For which position, blood pressure in the body has the smallest value?
Physics 1st Year Chapter 6 Fluid Dynamics
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