Physics 1st Year Chapter 7

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Physics 1st Year Chapter 7 MCQs

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Physics 1st Year Chapter 7 Oscillations

The S.I units of spring constant are:
If 𝐹 = 0.08 𝑁 and π‘₯ = 4 π‘π‘š then π‘˜ =:
One complete round trip of a vibrating body is called:
The time required to complete one vibration is called:
The force which opposes the applied force producing the displacement in the spring is called:
The number of vibrations completed by a body in one second is called:
Simple harmonic motion is a type of:
In SHM, the restoring force is directly proportional to
The expression for instantaneous displacement of particle executing SHM is:
Acceleration of a projection on the diameter for a particle moving along a circle is:
In equation of SHM, π‘Ž = βˆ’πœ”2π‘₯, the negative sign indicates the direction of motion of particle:
If f is the frequency of a body executing SHM, its angular frequency πœ” is:
The distance of vibrating body at any instant from its equilibrium position is called:
SI unit of frequency is:
The product of time period and frequency is:
The phase angle πœƒ = πœ”π‘‘ of the body performing SHM indicates:
In SHM, the velocity of the particle is maximum at:
Angular velocity of vibrating body attached with horizontal mass spring system is given by:
For a body executing S.H.M, its:
If the displacement of a body executing S.H.M is plotted against time, then the curve is known:
The waveform of simple harmonic motion is:
Frequency of the second pendulum is:
The time period of a second pendulum is:
The length of second pendulum is:
The motion of simple pendulum is SHM only if:
In S.H.M, the velocity of a particle is maximum at:
The displacement of SHM is written as X = Xo sinωt, If displacement is written by X = Xo cosωt then phase constant will be equal to:
The angle πœƒ = πœ”π‘‘ which specifies the displacement as well as direction of motion of the point executing SHM is known as:
Phase of SHM describes:
Natural frequency of simple pendulum depends upon:
The process in which energy is dissipated in oscillating system is called:
In damped harmonic oscillation, which one deceases?
A physical system undergoing forced vibrations is known as:
When πœƒ is small, sin πœƒ is approximately equal to
At mean position, during SHM:
When the bob of simple pendulum is at extreme position, it has:
Tuning of radio set is an example of:
The frequency of waves produced in microwaves oven is:
Sharpness of resonance is:
Which one does not work according to resonance?
The oscillations in which amplitude decreased steadily with time are called:
Distance covered during one vibration of an oscillating body in term of amplitude A is:
Physics 1st Year Chapter 7 Oscillations
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