Physics 1st Year Chapter 8

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Physics 1st Year Chapter 8 MCQs

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Physics 1st Year Chapter 8 Waves

Waves transmit ____ from one place to another.
The waves that require a material medium for their propagation are called:
The example of mechanical waves is:
Sound waves cannot travel through:
Sound waves do not travel in vacuum because:
The velocity of sound in vacuum is:
The speed of sound in air at 0°𝐢 is 332 π‘šπ‘ ^βˆ’1. the speed at 2°𝐢 will be:
According to Laplace correction sound travel in air under the conditions of:
Laplace expression for speed of sound in a gas is:
If the pressure of the gas is doubled, then the speed of sound:
The speed of sound in air at 30°𝐢 is approximately equal to:
Increase in velocity of sound in air for 1°𝐢 rise in temperature is:
The speed of sound is greater in solids than in gases due to high value of:
The wave speed of a wave in terms of its wavelength Ξ» and period T is:
The distance between any two consecutive crests or troughs is called:
In a transverse wave the distance between a crest and a trough is equal to:
When two identical waves move in the same direction, they give rise to:
When path difference is an integral multiple of wavelengths, the effect is called:
Periodic alteration of sound between maximum and minimum loudness are called:
Beats can be heard when the difference of frequency is not more than:
Beats are formed when two notes of frequencies 𝑓1 and 𝑓2 (𝑓1 > 𝑓2) are sounded together. The beat frequency will be:
The number of beats produced per second is equal to:
When a wave is reflected on going from a rarer to a denser medium, then at the boundary the reflected wave will undergo a phase change of:
When a transverse wave is reflected on going from a denser to a rarer medium, then at the boundary the reflected wave undergoes a phase change of:
When a transverse wave is reflected on going from a denser medium to a rare medium, then:
Phase difference of 180Β° is equivalent to a path difference of:
Two waves of equal frequency travelling in opposite direction produce:
Two wave trains of the same amplitude and frequency travelling in opposite directions along the same path in the same medium produce:
Which property of wave motion distinguish a travelling wave from a stationary wave:
If a string vibrates in n loops, the wavelength of stationary waves will be:
Stationary waves are generated on a string of length β€œl”, its fundamental frequency is given by:
The fixed ends of a vibrating string are:
At the open end of an organ pipe:
A set of frequencies, which is multiple of fundamental frequency is called:
The points of maximum displacement on a stationary wave are called:
In vibrating cord, the points where the amplitude is zero, are called:
A distance between two consecutive nodes is:
Radar system is an application of:
Stars moving towards the earth show:
Which of the following does not have any effect on the speed of sound in gases?
In a stationary wave, the particle velocity at the node is:
Doppler Effect applies to:
When the source of sound moves away from a stationary listener, then ____ occurs:
A simple pendulum has a bob of mass β€œm” and its frequency is β€œf”. If we replaced the bob with a heavier one, say of β€œ2m”, then what will be its new frequency?
The distance between a node and anti-node is:
The distance between two consecutive antinodes is:
In open organ pipe:
Physics 1st Year Chapter 8 Waves
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