The most important Chemistry chapter 5 short questions for Class 11. 1st Year Chapter 5 of Chemistry is related to atomic structure. These questions are for the Punjab Text Book Board that can be used within all of Punjab where this syllabus is taught.

Students are advised to must prepare these questions in order to perform the best in the board examination.

Chemistry Chapter 5 Short Questions for Class 11

  1. Cathode rays are material in nature, justify it.
  2. Why is it important to decrease the pressure in the discharge tube to get the cathode rays?
  3. Why e/m of cathode rays is just equal to that of electron?
  4. Give properties of cathode rays.
  5. Give reason for the production of positive rays.
  6. Give any two properties of neuron.
  7. Write the nuclear reaction for the decay of neutron.
  8. How neutron was discovered by Chadwick. Give nuclear equation involved.
  9. Calculate mass of electron when e/m 1.7588 x 1011CKg-1. OR Calculate mass of an electron from its e/m value.
  10. What is Moseley’s law?
  11. How do you come to know that velocities of electrons in higher orbits are less than those in lower orbits of hydrogen atoms?
  12. Energy of an electron is inversely proportional to n2 but energy of higher orbits is always greater than those of lower orbits. Justify it.
  13. What is Plank’s quantum theory?
  14. Write down two postulates of Plank’s quantum theory.
  15. State Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle and give its equation.
  16. Write down electronic configuration of Fe and Br.
  17. Write down electronic configuration of P and Cu.
  18. Write down electronic configuration of Cr.
  19. What is the difference between continuous spectrum and line spectrum?
  20. Write two points on the importance of Moseley’s law.
  21. What are the defects in Rutherford’s atomic model?
  22. Justify that distance gaps between different orbitals go on increasing from the lower to higher orbits.
  23. Define Zeeman’s effect and Stark’s effect.
  24. State spin quantum number briefly.
  25. What is orbital? Discuss the shape of the p-orbital.
  26. Calculate the number of electrons in s, p, d, and f sub-shells from the formula and write separately.
  27. State Pauli’s exclusion principle.
  28. State Hund’s rule.

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Important Short Questions of Chemistry 1st Year

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