The most important Chemistry chapter 10 short questions for Class 11. 1st Year Chapter 10 of Chemistry is related to electrochemistry. These questions are for the Punjab Text Book Board that can be used within all of Punjab where this syllabus is taught.

Students are advised to must prepare these questions in order to perform the best in the board examination.

Chemistry Chapter 10 Short Questions for Class 11

  1. What is electrochemistry?
  2. What is the difference between metallic conduction and electrolytic conduction?
  3. Differentiate between electrolytic and galvanic cells.
  4. Explain how impure copper can be purified by the electrolytic process.
  5. The standard oxidation potential of zinc is 0.76V and its reduction potential is -0.76. Why?
  6. Give two applications of the electrochemical series.
  7. A salt bridge maintains electrical neutrality in the cell. Explain.
  8. Write down the function of the salt bridge.
  9. A porous plate or a salt bridge is not required in lead acid storage batteries.
  10. Define electrochemical series.
  11. Write down the reaction taking place at the electrodes during discharging of the nickel-cadmium cell.
  12. What is the standard electrode potential?
  13. Give chemical reactions taking place at the anode and cathode of the fuel cell.
  14. Calculate the oxidation no. of Mn in KMnO4.
  15. Calculate the oxidation no. of Mn in Na2MnO4.
  16. Calculate the oxidation no. of S in Cr2(SO4)3 and SO4-2.
  17. Calculate the oxidation no. of Cr in CrCl3.
  18. Calculate the oxidation no. of P in HPO3.
  19. Calculate the oxidation no. of the elements underlined in the following compounds K2MnO4 and Ca(ClO3)2.
  20. What is the difference between electrolytic cells and voltaic cells?
  21. A voltaic cell is a reversible cell. State.
  22. How do fuel cells produce electricity?
  23. Write two advantages of fuel cells.
  24. Give the chemistry of electrolysis of an aqueous solution of sodium chloride.
  25. What is electrolysis? Give example.
  26. Write recharging of lead accumulator battery.
  27. SHE acts as an anode when connected with Cu but acts as a cathode when connected with Zn. Justify your answer with equations.
  28. What is an alkaline battery?
  29. Write down electrode reactions of dry cells.
  30. Differentiate between cathode and anode.
  31. How is aluminum anodized?

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Important Short Questions of Chemistry 1st Year

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